Jordyn’s “Happening” Is a Motivating Song of Accepting Life’s Many Peaks & Valleys

Jordyn © Kevin Ray Orange
Jordyn © Kevin Ray Orange
Nashville-based multi-hyphenate Jordyn conveys, in his laid-back R&B/rap single “Happening,” that even in the toughest times, we can overcome if we recognize that things just happen.
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When shit happens, I ask myself, ‘In 20 years, Is it really gon’ matter?’ 

There is a saying: “shit happens.”

We’ve all heard it before. Though we understand that ebbs and flows are just a part of life, oftentimes we cannot help but take certain occurrences to heart. Jordyn reminds us that it all comes to pass in his effortlessly smooth song, “Happening.” As his warm vocals slide over gentle funk-fueled beats, we find comfort in this concept. To quote another popular expression, “one day you’ll look back and laugh.”

Looking in the rearview mirror, was it really that significant? The Nashville-based artist begs listeners to ponder that thought on the latest single off his forthcoming debut album.

Happening - Jordyn
Happening – Jordyn
New chapters
Got up in my feels, stood still
But I never moved backwards
When shit happens
I ask myself, in 20 years
Is it really gon matter? 

Jordyn’s tranquil sound pairs nicely with the piece’s idea of taking a relaxed approach to life.  When it comes to his work life though, there is no slowing down. A singer, rapper, songwriter and vocal producer, he takes on a multitude of hats, and previously gained vast success collaborating with greats such as Twista and Jordin Sparks.

Innersections - Jordyn
Innersections – Jordyn

Now embarking on his first full-length album, Innersections (out April 5 via Secret Road Records), Jordyn is ready to take on all of life’s challenges and embrace whatever comes his way – much like “Happening” suggests.

‘Cause somewhere in the world the moon is climbing
Somewhere in the world the sun is rising
Sometimes boy, that pressure make a diamond
But, sometimes, that pressure kinda violent

“In life, hard times are inevitable; but so are good times, and neutral times, and everything in between,” Jordyn tells Atwood Magazine. “This song is about not attaching ourselves to the various seasons of life, and just letting them flow. On tough days, it’s brought me a lot of comfort to understand that it’s just life happening. I can run from it and cause more suffering, or just accept it, extract the lessons, and move forward.”

Jordyn © Kevin Ray Orange
Jordyn © Kevin Ray Orange

Sometimes you just need to put things out there and not get too attached to the outcome. You can let it be what it will be. It is not easy, but when you can do that, all the fear just fades away. Jordyn has a way of just putting you at ease. Jordyn emits a charismatic swagger that is pure sunshine, and it is this singular, infectious quality that makes “Happening” so undeniably special.

That’s just life, happening
I don’t need to make no attachment
Can’t hold on to the time, passing
I know nothing living is lasting

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Stream: “Happening” – Jordyn

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On That Hill - Jordyn

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