Exclusive Premiere: The Rhythmic Jocosity of Cool Dads’ “Jeff’s Party” [Part 1/5]

Cool Dads EP

*This is the first in a series of exclusive articles about the forthcoming Cool Dads EP, being released publicly soon.*

When you constantly tour with internationally famous musicians, you’re likely to have some inspiration rub off onto you, too. This is expressly true in the case of Danny Carissimi and Jay Bonisolli, the respective touring manager and merchandise manager for Atwood Magazine favorites The Griswolds. Carissimi and Bonisolli have subsequently developed a fan base all their own, with die-hard fans of The Griswolds now feeling equally as enamored with the two of them.

Jay Bonisolli, left, and Danny Carissimi
Jay Bonisolli, left, and Danny Carissimi

Carissimi and Bonisolli have undeniably cultivated a culture of fans all their own–and the fascination has only continued to grow, and stick. Most recently, the two revealed that they have been working on their own debut EP, entitled Cool Dads. The EP, curated entirely from the brains of Carissimi and Bonisolli, features production from The Griswolds’ drummer, Lachlan West, and guitarist Danny Duque-Perez, as well as an interlude track starring bassist Tim Graham. A six-track, inimitable gem of a record, Cool Dads blends cultural phenomena with impressive musicality.

The EP itself is introduced with the pervasive “Bienvenue Cool Dads,” a 90-second introductory track that incorporates samples from each of the subsequent tracks on the record. “Bienvenue” allows for the prospective listener to be enticed, without ever giving away the record’s central themes; it is the excitable hype man preparing for the seasoned performer to take center stage.

Listen: “Bienvenue Cool Dads” – Cool Dads

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The leading single from the Cool Dads EP is the rhythmic, salient “Jeff’s Party.” “Jeff’s Party” blends a droning backing track with Bonisolli’s impressive rap skills, supplemented with a guttural voice repetitively stating, “It’s Jeff’s Party and he’ll do what he wants.” It is an undeniably unique, magnetizing track that one may feel inclined to blast on repeat whilst driving in their minivan, mowing their lawn, or grilling burgers out back.

The Jeff in question is the son to whom the eponymous dad refers throughout the EP. Jeff is the pride and joy of his father, and dad will do anything to ensure his total comfort and happiness. Nothing like a doting father rapping his love and affection for you, right?

Dad continues to croon about your everyday dad things: Taking out the trash, picking up the kids from soccer practice, “rockin’ New Balance, ‘cause it’s never Adidas,” and of course, being a “cool dad.” He started from the bottom, and now he’s awesome.

The track seems fitting as the EP’s leading single, as it provides a means for both fans and newcomers alike to settle into this unmistakably original story. “Jeff’s Party” is short and sweet, while still giving listeners the chance to follow along with an entire story, or at least an important anecdote to the Cool Dads EP, within just a two-minute time frame. This is not particularly simple to achieve, yet Carissimi and Bonisolli manage to achieve it flawlessly.

I’m a cool dad, it’s a pleasure to meet ya.

“Jeff’s Party” is undoubtedly easy to swallow. It is a two-minute track, aided by repetitive beats, and Bonisolli’s knack for rapping is wholly well done. This track, as well as the Cool Dads EP as a whole, allows for Carissimi and Bonisolli to harbor their newfound popularity in a way that is still entirely their own. They have struck some sort of phenomenon gold, and will certainly reap its benefits. As the leading single on the Cool Dads EP, “Jeff’s Party” sets the standard for what should be expected from the rest of the record as well: A clear dichotomy of both palpable jocosity and commendable euphony, celebrating a fresh uniqueness unlike anything experienced before.

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Listen: “Jeff’s Party” – Cool Dads

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/236977702″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”150″ iframe=”true” /]

*Part 2/5 will be available soon. Stay tuned!*

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