Premiere: Jack Klatt’s “Ramblin’ Kind” is an Americana Poem of Redemption

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Jack Klatt’s affecting new single “Ramblin’ Kind” aches with the kind of lonesome country blues where pain meets the path to healing.
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There’s no feeling quite like knowing you’re hitting or have hit the bottom, and there’s no place left to go but up. It’s strange to start seeing the light when all you’ve been surrounded by is darkness, but for many there’s a turning point where we realize that the only way out of our rut is back the way we came. Minnesota-based Jack Klatt’s affecting new single “Ramblin’ Kind” aches with the kind of lonesome country blues where pain meets the path to healing.

it ain't the same - Jack Klatt
it ain’t the same – Jack Klatt
You’re broken, with no place left to fall
Got no place to crawl, it’s here you’ll find
Peace of mind, the ramblin kind
You’re empty, it’s time that you woke up
Rise and fill your cup
No need to hide, go on and kill your pride
Let the outlaw ride

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Ramblin’ Kind,” the third single off Americana singer/songwriter Jack Klatt’s forthcoming third album, It Ain’t the Same (out September 27, 2019 via Yep Roc Records). Following the rockabilly single “Prove My Love” and the tender, heartwarming “I’ll Never Let You Down,” “Ramblin’ Kind” comes as a feverish breath of outlaw country. Free-spirited and burning with an inner light, Klatt sings a low and impassioned croon against jangling acoustic guitars and mood-setting pedal steel.

“‘Ramblin’ Kind’ is a song born out of a melody,” Klatt tells Atwood Magazine. “I wrote the words at my buddy’s cabin in northern Minnesota on a summer’s day. I sat on the dock by the lake and let them lap against the shore. I guess you could say it’s about the beauty of hitting the bottom, a poem of redemption.”

Joy unleashed, spreads like prairie fire
Let go and cut the wire
It’s you who holds the mirror
The road ahead is clear
You’ve nothing more to fear
Love, oh, love
It never went away
It’s here and it will stay, leave the rest behind
Rearrange your mind
You’re the rambling kind

Poignant lyrics capture a moment of silent introspection. The artist takes a deep and holds it, peering out over that aforementioned lake and into an unknown abyss. We feel, in this juncture, the weight of many years’ stress and anxiety lift. For a second, the narrator experiences the bliss of a carefree existence – and everything is at peace.

Moments like these are worth living for: They’re the special bursts of serenity and cheer that can make everything else “vale la pena,” as goes the Spanish saying. For Klatt, that space is not without the darkness looming around the bend; one would be foolhardy to call this “euphoric,” but rather, “Ramblin’ Kind” contains within it the emotional multitudes of a broken soul on the mend.

It Ain’t the Same is out 9/27/2019 via Yep Roc Records; pre-order the album here, and stream Jack Klatt’s “Ramblin’ Kind” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Ramblin’ Kind” – Jack Klatt

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it ain't the same - Jack Klatt

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