Interview: Jordana Dazzles Brightly on Sophomore Album ‘Something to Say to You’

Something To Say To You LP - Jordana
Something To Say To You LP - Jordana
Wichita, Kansas-based indie pop artist Jordana has an undeniable gift for combining originality with relatability, a gift showcased with assurance on her new LP compilation of two EPs, ‘Something to Say to You’.

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Wichita, KS-based indie pop artist Jordana Nye has an undeniable gift for combining originality with relatability. From her dazzling bedroom pop sound to the confident exploration of new sounds, that gift is showcased with poise and assurance on her forthcoming compilation of two EPs, Something To Say To You, out digitally December 4, 2020 via Grand Jury.

Something To Say To You LP - Jordana
Something To Say To You LP – Jordana

Though it’s been less than two years since her debut LP, the hazy lo-fi Classical Notions of Happiness, 2020 finds Jordana stepping into new territory. Both EPs, July’s Something To Say and December’s ...To You, were made alongside DJ/producer MELVV (Jeffrey Melvin), a collaboration that embellishes a sense of fun and magic into each track.

While the first half of Something To Say To You is bright and bold, the second half feels more intimate and direct, each moment uniquely brought to life by Jordana, inviting listeners to feel it all.

“I’m definitely getting comfortable with doing whatever the fuck I want with music. That’s my vision — making it pop,” says Jordana, and Something To Say To You is an album that does just that.

Atwood Magazine spoke with Jordana recently about the making of each EP and combining them into a full-length record; read about it in our conversation below!

‘Something to Say to You’ – Jordana


Something To Say To You LP - Jordana

ATWOOD MAGAZINE: Hello! First of all, you’re in Wichita, KS – are you from there?

JORDANA: Hi! No, I’m originally from Maryland, from the beach area.

Ah ok! Growing up, did you have any specific inspirations that got you into playing music?

JORDANA: Pretty much my whole family was musically oriented in some way. My mom sang in the choir in church, and my dad played the organ. And I started playing violin, and then just kind of went from there.

That’s cool! Congrats on the upcoming release of Something To Say To You! Was it always the plan to combine two EPs into a full-length album?

JORDANA: Yeah, it was kind of the label’s idea, and I was super down for it.

Jordana © Mel Mercer
Jordana © Mel Mercer

The back half of the album, or the second EP, feels like an extension of the first, but markedly different- more intimate and direct. Were the songs written around the same time, or did one half come well before the other?

JORDANA: The first half was done before the second half, definitely. But we went to the studio for like four days for the second half and just recorded nonstop.

And kind of going along with that, the first EP’s title, “Something To Say,” leads into the title of the album. What’s the significance of adding “To You” onto the LP title?

JORDANA: It sort of goes with the vibe of the second half, and pieces it together. Especially because the second half is full of a lot more direct songs, like you said.

Yeah, the more I listened, the more I connected each half with the title. Something To Say To You is your second record, which I know is often a wildly different experience than making a first record. Did you find that to be true while making this one?

JORDANA: Oh yeah. The first one, before I re-released it through the label, was just the 10 tracks I did before the bonus tracks at the end. Even for those last three tracks [on Classical Notions of Happiness] it was different because I went to a studio for them. And the first 10, I just did at home between Maryland and Kansas, and it was kind of like a catalogue of all the singles I had. This record (Something To Say To You), whether it was a couple ideas that I had from home that I recorded in the studio, or a lot of new ones that I did [completely] in the studio, it was definitely more studio time than it was time at home this time around.

Jordana © Jacob Clark
Jordana © Jacob Clark

And you worked with DJ/producer, MELVV, on this one. Was close collaboration a newer element of making a record for you?

JORDANA: Yeah, after making “Crunch” with MELVV I was like, “Damn, this is fun.” So, we just kept making stuff.

That’s amazing. Your latest single, “I Guess This Is Life” really struck me; and I love the video, it reminded me a bit of the movie Lady Bird! How did that song come to life?

JORDANA: Aw that’s sweet! Well, I was really emotional one day when we were recording in New York, and my manager rolled us a joint *laughs*. Then I got on this little ukulele that they had, and remembered something I tried writing like three years ago. We recorded it and just built on it from there.

Ah that’s great! At the current moment, do you have a song on the album you’re most proud of?

JORDANA: Hm, probably “F***You,” [off the second EP.] I always wanted to make a feel-good song like that!

I love that one too. It’s surely abnormal to be making and releasing music during a pandemic; while touring hasn’t been possible this year, how have you been spending your extended time at home? Have you found there to be any unexpected challenges or inspiration as far as creating?

JORDANA: I haven’t really been experiencing much, so it’s been kind of a blank slate when writing. But sometimes I’ll have an idea here and there and I’ll record it on my phone. And then just write lyrics off of it or vice versa, write lyrics first and then build something off of that. I feel so much right now and I can’t express it *laughs.*

Jordana © 2020
Jordana © 2020

I totally understand that. Lastly, once Something To Say To You is out in the world, what’s something you hope listeners feel or experience when listening to the record in full?

JORDANA: Just like with the first EP, I hope they experience everything. I’m kind of a person who wants to please everybody, so I like having different genres in pieces of albums. Like there’s feelings of loss, and then there’s love, and there’s sadness that you don’t know where it came from, and thoughts you can’t control. So yeah, I hope [listeners] experience everything.

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Something To Say To You LP - Jordana

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