Interview: LA’s Kit Major Talks “Solo Disco” & Being Raised by Lovers of All Things Punk

Kit Major © Nat Souza
Kit Major © Nat Souza
Kit Major is not afraid of riding solo and inspires others to find the same self-love on new single “Solo Disco.”
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I feel like we don’t really give ourselves that permission to be in love with ourselves and be proud of the accomplishments that we do. I feel like it’s really easy to put yourself down.

You know those serial monogamists? You may have heard of a person or have a friend who fits that to a tee. They are those types of people who cannot stand to be alone. Being alone can feel uncomfortable at times, but Kit Major shows us how to embrace the discomfort and find solace with her latest release “Solo Disco”.  The synth-soaked track shines with a bright glittery backdrop and sassy, assertive vocals. Achieving self-love is not always easy, but it begins with learning to welcome those times spent with yourself. That’s what the tune is all about. She expresses this concept in such an infectious, clever manner and listeners are instantly hooked.

Solo Disco - Kit Major
Solo Disco – Kit Major

The video for the track is equally as intoxicating. From her compelling choreography to edgy fashion, everything about the piece is so hypnotic. Her charismatic, confidence burst through further conveying her empowering message of self-acceptance. The title evokes images of dancing in your room with a hairbrush microphone or throwing a party for yourself. This video has all those spirited vibes as she sings of a solo disco.

Well you can go
I will stay right here
Solo Disco
You can go
I will stay right here
Solo Disco

Kit Major is known for her daring, dark pop sound. The singer is based in Los Angeles, but grew up in Asia and Chicago. Her songs touch on the beauty that can be found in our flaws and there is something so profound about that exploration. Diving into subjects of mental health, freedom and self-reflection, she uses her music to let out pent up emotions and connect with those who deal with similar feelings. Her pieces resonate so deeply with fans as she stays authentically herself. Atwood Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing the talent, discussing music she is into, new single/video and so much more.

My New Year’s resolution, mantra for 2022 is to let other people tell you no – don’t tell yourself no.

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Solo Disco - Kit Major

Atwood Magazine: Your music takes inspiration from artists like Lady Gaga and Charli XCX yet has a distinct style all your own. How did you develop such an intoxicating sound?

Kit Major: I’m such a fan of taking different sounds from different places and genres and creating a different universe. I love songs and artists that are unique, like a big mixing bowl of sound. So I’m constantly inspired by different 80s artists and bands, too. I look up to a lot of David Bowie, and Prince. I really like that these are the kind of artists that just create and write. I feel like the sound comes after. When I’m writing, I’m not necessarily thinking about what genre is the song going to fall in. It’s very much story focused. “Solo Disco” is a very simple glitter world. I really wanted it to be an energetic explosion.

The message of “Solo Disco” is so inspiring, as it is all about throwing yourself a party and discovering self-love and independence after a breakup. What has allowed you to be so confident and find that strength and liberation?

Kit Major: I love how you worded that. I think that’s a really beautiful way to put it, finding your independence. It’s a long journey, but I think once you realize that you are number one, you can be your own number one cheerleader. It takes off a lot of pressure of every day things because it really does remind you that it is okay. I feel like we don’t really give ourselves that permission to be in love with ourselves and be proud of the accomplishments that we do. I feel like it’s really easy to put yourself down, but you have to think, why are you putting yourself down? Why are you making yourself smaller in a world where you’re able to give yourself permission to be as big as you want? I think solo disco is very much finding that power and exploring it. It’s not something that can be easy. To have that permission to play is very important.

Kit Major © Nat Souza
Kit Major © Nat Souza

“Solo Disco” is all about understanding that you are worth it. How can others learn to channel that same self-assurance?

Kit Major: The way to find that is to really take the time to know what calls to you. That’s a very broad statement. To bring it down into specifics, it would be like dating yourself but in the sense of, do I like this kind of genre of movie? When people are talking to me, how do I like it? You’d be able to find it by really taking the time to respect the things that you like and the way that you work. Once you’re able to identify those things, you’re able to find more confidence in it and you’re able to find ways to connect with other people. At the end of the day, we’re all human. We’re all just trying our best. So when you’re able to go, “Okay, how do I make myself the best that I can be so that I can help this person while they’re being the best they could be?” When you’re able to take the time to learn, that’s when you’ll be able to help build that.

What advice can you provide for someone going through a recent breakup?

Kit Major: I would say that it’s okay. That it’s going to hurt. That it’s not linear. It’s okay if one day you feel like a superstar and one day you feel like a crumpled piece of paper, to quote Taylor Swift. Give yourself that permission to feel and to move forward. It’s not easy, but it’s the hard part that makes you better. That’s what’s really wonderful about sharing personal experiences and sharing stories, and being able to talk because if you don’t, talk about it, then there’s no way to really recover.

In your music video you really shine with captivating choreography, a bold attitude and fierce fashion. How was the concept for the piece constructed?

Kit Major: The dance was choreographed by Irvin Jerez. He perfectly choreographed my previous music videos and some of my live shows. So we have had a great connection, and he knows how I move. I would say that I’m a dancer in the sense of it being like dancing with my friends. When it comes to learning though, it takes me a little bit more time. I adore it and I love dancing. So every chance that we’re able to bring Irvin I’m so stoked. We really wanted it to be very much like a solo, free dance with yourself and exploring all different realms of that. Having that kind of mix of controlled movements, and also freestyle, I think that’s what made this so spectacular, because it has a lot of my own heart in it.

What was your favorite part of making the video?

Kit Major: I think it was bringing it together and having a whole team behind me. I got to make it with my best friend. My best friend directed it and edited it Noël Dombroski. She’s done my previous music videos. We’ve made videos from being in our apartment in front of a wall for 20 bucks. To create and to be on this journey together artistically and creatively. It’s great to now be able to be on a set, have a team, have a choreographer, a makeup artist and my sister doing wardrobe. It really felt like a big family on set and just so loving. Everyone wanted to create the universe together. That’s the most important thing to have a team that shares in your vision and really wants to make it happen. It makes the experience worth living over and over again.

Kit Major © Nat Souza
Kit Major © Nat Souza

I know when you were younger you took solace in songwriting as an escape from bullying. How has that experience shaped you as an artist and as a person?

Kit Major: It’s shaped me in a way that I’m so grateful for. I feel like sometimes I feel better when I write because I use writing as my tool for communication. It helped me when I was younger for bullying, but it also helped me as I got older and dealing with other first experiences such as a first real heartbreak or a first real death. Even though it came from a place of loneliness, it really grew into a way to connect and to feel a part of something. It’s made everything worth it. I don’t feel when I’m writing about my feelings like the 12 year old in my room anymore. I feel like I’m able to create and that makes such a difference in in the way that I move forward.

Also talking about your childhood you were raised by parents who were really into punk music and you listened to talents like The Ramones and David Bowie. What was it like having that kind of musical education growing up?

Kit Major: It was so much fun. When I think of Green Day, I just see my mom in the front seat banging along on the steering wheel. That’s the kind of energy that my parents have to this day. I feel really lucky that I connect with my family so fiercely through music and that makes it so much better to be able to bring music together. My parents are really, incredible people. I feel very lucky that they are so cool.

Kit Major © Nat Souza
Kit Major © Nat Souza

Mentioning your parents, what do you think is the biggest piece of advice you have gotten from them that's helped you throughout your life and your musical career?

Kit Major: The most recent advice that my dad has given me, which has actually been my New Year’s resolution, mantra for 2022 is to let other people tell you no, don’t tell yourself no. It made such a difference, because it’s easy to shut yourself down when you dream too big. For starters, reach out to someone and ask to collaborate or tell them you really like their work. What’s the worst-case scenario? They tell you no.

On the topic of collaborations, if you could team up with any talent of your choosing, who would that be?

Kit Major: I would probably do anything to collaborate with Green Day.

What’s next for Kit Major?

Kit Major: I’m getting ready to release an EP. The songs I’ve written for it are very different from any thing I’ve put out so far. I’m really excited for that. I can’t wait to show that side of me. This is the most me that I’ve felt in my writing in a while.

Who are some artists currently on your playlist you really dig that you can recommend to our readers?

Kit Major: I’m actually going to pull up my playlist, because I take playlists and artist recommendations very seriously. I would say Cory Liner, Sizzy Rocket, and Wet Leg.

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Solo Disco - Kit Major

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