Premiere: KRANTZ Takes Us to the “Beach” in Summery Single

Krantz © 2021
Krantz © 2021
A sunny, soaring jam, KRANTZ’s “Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” is a tantalizing, fun release perfectly timed for the hot and heated months ahead.
“Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” – KRANTZ

A fresh dose of psych rock goodness comes to the fore as KRANTZ’s new single drums up some summer fun. A sunny, soaring jam, “Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” is a tantalizing, fun release perfectly timed for the hot and heated months ahead.

Beach - KRANTZ
Beach – KRANTZ
I’m easygoing and my nights wide open,
This place here’s closing girl,
but I ain’t quite done with you.
Are ya coming, are ya coming with me darlin’
You’re comin’ with me on a moonlight rendezvous
I wanna take ya to the Beach,
I wanna see what we can do,
When it’s only you and me,
When it’s only me and you.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Beach,” KRANTZ’s second release of 2021 (following his March single, “Down Under”). A sun-soaked song thirsty for summer sun and evening fun, “Beach” grooves with heavy guitars and driving rock beats in capturing a spirit of desire and cheer.

“I wrote ‘Beach’ while doing some gigs down in Destin, Florida,” Jeffrey Krantz tells Atwood Magazine. “It was pandemic times, so that night everything was closing early, but I wasn’t ready to call it a night. I happened to be hanging with a certain lady (who will remain nameless) and thought it’d be fun to end the night with a nice little moonlight rendezvous on the beach. Nothing to me is more relaxing than the beach at night, so I was definitely ready. She, unfortunately, had to go let her dog out and I never heard back from her, so I just went to the hotel room, whipped out my guitar, and started working on this little ditty.”

Self-described as “a little bit psychedelic,” Jeffrey Krantz’s music feels like a fresh blast from the past – an homage to rock n’ roll’s golden age, albeit with a modern-day twist. “Beach” captures this sonic imprint with its wily riffs and fervent melodies; and just as he finds a solid balance between tension and release, Krantz lets out a short, but nevertheless dynamic guitar solo.

Conversations underneath the constellations,
All I’m saying is what have you got to lose,
From a moonlight rendezvous.

Warm and inviting, “Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” is ready for the oncoming heatwave. Stream KRANTZ’s new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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“Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” – KRANTZ

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Beach - KRANTZ

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