Premiere: Palpable Chemistry in Hedara’s New Song “Love Can Make Me Hate You”

London talent Hedara shares an emotional message with new single “Love Can Make Me Hate You.”
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“Love Can Make Me Hate You” – Hedara
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London-based singer-songwriter Hedara is back with her latest single “Love Can Make Me Hate You,” a tantalising pop-ballad that showcases emotional and experienced songwriting. Combining elements of the electronic world with folk and piano-led pop writing, Hedara has struck something wonderful with this latest release.

Love Can Make Me Hate You - Hedara
Love Can Make Me Hate You – Hedara
Be cruel, be kind, be flawed for me
Be wild, be raw, bare all for me
say only ever what you mean
It’s going to hurt – I want to feel
Be brave, be failed, be real for me
Be less, be more, be all I need
Do only ever what you mean
It’s got to hurt – I need to feel

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Love Can Make Me Hate You,” Hedara’s sixth single release (following September’s “Skin Deep”). Out everywhere this Friday, “Love Can Make Me Hate You” brings to the surface themes such as vulnerability and heartache – concepts for which the artist has already displayed familiarity and affection. It’s not the first time Hedara examined a rocky relationship under her songwriter’s lens: her summer single “Frozen”, which Atwood Magazine premiered a few months ago, offered a “shiver-inducing. breathtakingly raw take on a dead-end love affair.” The British songstress described it as “a very honest view of a relationship that’s fucked or broken,” and her new release carries the same baton, this time revealing light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m ready to love you now
I’m waiting for the first bruise

if my heart gets damaged then
at least I’ll know it’s been used

For something I wanted
we might have to break rules
think we should be honest
Love can make me hate you

Hedara’s diverse set of musical skills is rooted in her classical training and many years of experience. For those not yet acquainted, Scarlet Billham (Hedara), a graduate from London’s famous BRIT School, is an artist who has been pursuing her passion for music from a young age. After a close encounter with death that put her in a diabetic coma, she looked to reevaluate her outlook and goals and earlier this year started the Hedara project. She’s since hit the ground hard with new releases and show dates, including a support slot for singer/songwriter and Atwood favorite Tom Speight at the Bush Hall in London – 21st November.

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Moving at a leisurely tempo that pulls in audiences from the beginning, “Frozen” is layered with instrumental intrigue and etherial vocal production that gives it a strong sense of progression and evolution, building into an epic culmination point midway through the piece before dropping back in its final phrases to a moment of poignant introspection.

Digging further into the mechanics, Hedara puts her range on display, floating from octave to octave throughout the song and allowing enriching harmonies to fill the mix towards the end of the track. “Love Can Make Me Hate You” is an evocative piece, which rather than following the typical pop structure plays out almost like a Shakespearean tragedy, with a clear apex and turning point. The lyrics reflect this structure as well, as Hedara muses over the tumultuous nature of love and relationships:

I’m blind, I’m caught I’m choked on it
I’m dying to lose my way for this
I wanna soak up everything
That’s how it works – you make me feel

“Being in a relationship can be testing, no matter what,” she tells Atwood Magazine. “Loads of curve balls will be thrown in along the way and it’s all about finding that someone who makes all the trials and tribulations worth it. You know you’re going to go through all the highs and lows, the arguments, the tears, the happiness – and being willing for them to happen because this is the person that’s worth it.”

“Love Can Make Me Hate You” is yet another excellent creation of Hedara’s that highlights her talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer. With standout songwriting and a powerful blend of delicate yet substantive production elements, it effectively delivers a mesmeric aural experience. Stream it exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and be sure to catch Hedara live in London on the 21st of November.

“Love Can Make Me Hate You” – Hedara
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Love Can Make Me Hate You - Hedara

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Hedara’s Shiver-Inducing New Song “Frozen”


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