Premiere: The Glorious Embrace the Moment in “Last Game of the Season”

Poignant and powerful, The Glorious’ “Last Game of the Season” enshrines young love, longing and connection, radiating with the heavy weight of the moment.

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Melbourne’s The Glorious find a surprisingly simple means of expressing emotions as complicated as young love, longing and connection. Poignant and powerful, the band’s acoustically driven new single “Last Game of the Season” enshrines these potent feelings in a nostalgic bubble that radiates with the weight and importance of our feelings in the moment.

Last Game of the Season - The Glorious
Last Game of the Season – The Glorious
It’s comforting
This place still looks
Just the same
Will you meet me
At the last game of the season
For one more time

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Last Game of the Season,” the latest single off The Glorious’ forthcoming fourth album, Kings (independently out June 1, 2018). The Melbourne indie rock trio of Dave Mather, Daniel Gard’ner and Joel Loukes, The Glorious have made a slow and steady name for themselves through their own moving brand of heartland-inspired music and melodies, drawing inspiration from The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Band of Horses, The Band, and more.

“Last Game of the Season” is an “ode to the romantic yearning of youth and the intangible power of specific emotions we all experience at a certain age,” the band’s lead songwriter Dave Mather tells Atwood Magazine. “The song is inspired by the high school drama ‘Friday Night Lights’, where the concerns that dominate teenagers’ lives are very real and experienced deeply – first loves, an uncertain future, pressure to meet expectations, and the passionate love of your football team. The final game of the season is symbolic of the seismic changes we experience at a young age. The song is about letting go of one chapter of your life and moving on to the next, and the mixed emotions that come with this. There is excitement and anticipation, but also a certain sadness and loss of innocence. There is a knowledge that this phase is coming to a close, and that something new is around the corner.”

Once we leave here we can’t come back, and I’ve been waiting to tell you that,” the band sings, echoing the finality of the moment. It’s a reminder of how precious time really is; of how every theoretically important moment in our life is eventually one we look back on. All we can hope for is to embrace every moment as vividly and unabashedly as possible, so that we can at least look back fondly, knowing we were fully present for the most meaningful parts of our lives.

The Glorious © Holly Hawkins
The Glorious © Holly Hawkins
Once we leave here we can’t come back
And I’ve been waiting to tell you that
Look at me, the heart can feel
What the eyes don’t see
I know they say every end is a
New beginning
And so it will be

Mather explains further, “The song aims to conjure the heady magic of teenage experience, where all our hopes and dreams are at their most vivid, and how they can somehow be felt most powerfully when you meet your love at the football game, where everything is on the line.” A flood of emotions rushes to the surface as The Glorious invite us to relive our own most meaningful encounters and experiences, basking in the warm, dazzling glow of our pasts.

Maybe you’re sent back to your first kiss, when your heart nearly exploded out of your chest. Maybe it’s that test you studied all month for; maybe it’s the big game, where every last second counted. That these are all memories now in the past does not diminish their value or importance; rather, they’re just another couple stepping stones for a life lived.

Stream “Last Game of the Season” exclusively on Atwood Magazine! The Glorious’ new single is out everywhere this Friday, 4/20/2018; new album Kings is out June 1, 2018.

Listen: “Last Game of the Season” – The Glorious

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Kings - The Glorious

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