Premiere: The Lost Hours’ Bittersweet Cocktail of Emotions, “Lonely Love”

The Lost Hours
The Lost Hours
Cool, catchy, and fun, The Lost Hours’ second single “Lonely Love” is an instantly memorable outpouring that will leave audiences stunned and ready for more.
Stream: “Lonely Love” – The Lost Hours
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With its piercing guitar groove and vibey, raw flow, The Lost Hours’ sophomore single is a truly moving display of emotion in motion. Cool, catchy, and fun, “Lonely Love” is an instantly memorable outpouring that will leave audiences stunned and ready for more.

Lonely Love - The Lost Hours
Lonely Love – The Lost Hours
I fortified my feeling inside
And sinking in my skin
Near the stone cold light, dear
you’ll find: I ain’t got no soul inside

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Lonely Love,” The Lost Hours’ second song release (out August 23, 2019 via High Tribe Records). The latest offering from The Lost Hours’ upcoming debut EP and the follow-up to late June’s debut single “To Be Alone,” “Lonely Love” is the perfect summery introduction to an artist we can’t wait to hear more from in the coming months. The musical project for 20-year old singer/songwriter Callum James Hamilton, The Lost Hours combines a classic, raw guitar-and-vocals display with an acoustic backing band that perfectly complements the intimacy and warmth of the Hamilton’s core musicality. Born and raised in Leeds, and now based in London, The Lost Hours’ blend of folk, pop, and downtempo indie influences makes for an arresting experience that needs to be heard, in order to be truly felt.

“‘Lonely Love’ is a bittersweet cocktail of emotions,” The Lost Hours tells Atwood Magazine. “Moving from the introverted intro and verses, into a bubblegum call and response chorus. It is the culmination of months of personal lyrical writing and reflection met with raw nervous performances. I wrote it in a rehearsal room the size of a glorified wardrobe in Old Street. I played the song to my manager Bnann the same day. “Where’s the chorus?!” he exclaimed. I jokingly bet him that by the time he returned I’d have a chorus — and what do you know!”

Hamilton’s voices rises out of those driving verses as an exciting force of nature: He owns the stage with his high tenor, breaking in and out of falsetto as passionately proclaims, “Your lonely love, you’re real on me, it’s not enough to be left lonely.

Speaking to Atwood Magazine, Hamilton explains his choice of artist name and how he perceives his own music: “The name The Lost Hours comes from the many hours I’ve spent writing and recording in the small hours of the morning. My music is the soundtrack for my lost hours. This is a universal trait we all share. Whether it’s the hours in ecstasy spent with friends or lovers, to isolated evenings lost in the fantasy of music and film and the small hours immersed in deep thought with work and creation.”

My music is the soundtrack for my lost hours.

“No artist ever wants to pigeon hole their art,” Hamilton says of The Lost Hours’ sound and style. “However, no art is without its inspiration. My music combines punchy John Martyn style acoustic riffs, complimented with woozy delays. My music has nervous energy inspired by ’80s avant funk troubadours The Talking Heads. The cocktails of different styles are complete with an In Rainbows like production, with warm arpeggiated guitars over rolling basslines and piercing drums.”

If debut “To Be Alone” asserted The Lost Hours’ nuanced intimacy and breathtaking balladry, then “Lonely Love” seals the deal on his extraordinary, singular talent. The Lost Hours may still be a new face, but we are excited to label him an Atwood Magazine artist to watch and we cannot wait to hear more music in the coming months! “The Lost hours are something we all have had, and now they have a soundtrack,” Hamilton asserts.

Stream “Lonely Love” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and for more watch The Lost Hours’ cover of “This Must Be the Place” by The Talking Heads below!


Stream: “Lonely Love” – The Lost Hours
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“This Must Be the Place” – The Lost Hours (cover)

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Lonely Love - The Lost Hours

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