Premiere: Lloyd Llewellyn’s “Run” is a Somber & Soulful Goodbye

Lloyd Llewellyn © 2017
Lloyd Llewellyn © 2017

It’s hard to say goodbye to something special, regardless of how bad that “special” thing might be for you… because it’s still special. It’s yours, and we don’t get to have much in this world – so when things come our way, we grab them and hold on tight, because it may be the only chance we get. Relationships turned sour persist out of these kinds of fears and doubts, but Lloyd Llewellyn makes that difficult choice to say goodbye on his new single “Run,” a moving finale to what was once a beautiful love.

Frost sets early on winters morning when
We’re in bed and the dogs are howling
You should push back to me I’ll hold you tightly
When wind blows hard leaves fall lightly
I won’t lie to you I won’t bend the truth got my
Heart in my hand I will give it to you saying
Promise me you’ll be
Gentle with your lies
Kiss me goodnight
Hold out to the summer time
Saying ….. let me run
Watch: “Run” – Lloyd Llewellyn

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Run,” the sophomore single from singer/songwriter Lloyd Llewellyn. Emerging this year in London after playing Isle of Wight Festival, Boardmasters, and Sofar Sounds with only a handful of demos to his name, Llewellyn is a name to watch for in 2018. He is classically likeable, what with his effortless blend of soul and folk influences and his strong, emotive voice, but there’s also something new age and “forward-facing” about his style: “Run” isn’t just about the end-game; it’s a slow-burning ode that embraces the journey from points to Z.

Run - Lloyd Llewellyn
Run – Lloyd Llewellyn

“’Run’ was the first song I ever wrote, back at my parents’ house on an out-of-tune piano,” Llewellyn reflects. “It’s about escaping what was a toxic relationship for both sides. Both of us made our mistakes, but there were times which neither of us wanted to let go of – young and reckless love brought the best and worst out of us.”

Winter dies as my summer calls you still
Have my soul
You just took it all saying
No no no you won’t
No no no you won’t be mine

Llewellyn wields his voice gracefully throughout the somber song, emoting deep sadness while maintaining the clarity that this is the right decision. Though of a different caliber, “Run” is reminiscent to the style and messaging of Adele’s “Hello.” It’s a sober acknowledgement that the difficult choice – the one that will bring so much pain in the short-term – is also the right choice, to alleviate a longer-term pain and suffering.

The song’s music video amplifies that message, depicting a lone Llewellyn singing on a vacant beach. Footsteps in the sand are all that’s left of those who came before – they’re temporary markers that, just like the immediate hurt of ending something special, will slowly fade through new waves and time.

Run - Lloyd Llewellyn still
Run – Lloyd Llewellyn still

Lloyd Llewellyn dove deeper into his new video with Atwood Magazine: “Run is about escaping what was a pretty turbulent relationship for both of us,” he shares. “I wanted the video to give the feel of escaping, as that’s what we both needed at the time, and for me being from a seaside town and spending a few years down in Brighton, the sea side brings exactly that. The song isn’t about placing blame or anger, but more about understanding that after a few years, young love got the better of us. Run is a nod to the wrongs we made and all the moments I wouldn’t forget, good or bad.”

Run is a nod to the wrongs we made and all the moments I wouldn’t forget, good or bad.

Start again wipe that god damn slate clean now
Get out your bed devil plays his tricks on me
I won’t be beaten I won’t be held down
Whipe your footsteps off me
Give me back my crown
Give me back my crown
Give me back my crown

It may be for the best, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. Join Lloyd Llewellyn as he embarks down a long path – full of darkness and hope, warmth and promise – exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Run - Lloyd Llewellyn

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