Premiere: Lo Lytes Indulge in the Night on Trippy Debut “Losing My Mind”

Sweet, sultry and savory, Lo Lytes’ debut “Losing My Mind” is a pulsing ode to the party – an irresistible escape into long nights of deep indulgence.

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I keep running for the thrill of the chase,” sing Lo Lytes in their debut single, “and I got your number but I don’t have your name.” There’s something tantalizingly compelling about going out – we feel the pull in “Losing My Mind” – but what is it, exactly – the allure of sex, or the need to let go? It’s neither, and both, and more: The idea of leisure is so intrinsic to history and foreign to nature. We indulge ourselves as a means of  both internal and external balance: Whether we’re basking in, or succumbing to the night, partying is a vessel for gratification and catharsis, as can be seen in Lo Lytes’ brand new music video.

Two AM, liquor pouring,
no I can’t, can’t control it
Keep forgetting that I’m broken,
wanna feel this good all the time
Watch: “Losing My Mind” – Lo Lytes

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for Lo Lytes’ debut single “Losing My Mind,” an electronic pop anthem to long nights of deep indulgence. Featuring models Kyra Santoro, Stefanie Knight, Emily Sears and Gabriela Bandy, the video captures both the warm vibes and cold distance of partying through a trippy, surreal depiction of house party culture and the interactions within. We feel lust, longing, happiness and heartache as one night stretches for what feels like a blissful eternity.

Losing My Mind - Lo Lytes single art
Losing My Mind – Lo Lytes
Strange women all over the place
‘cause I get money then I throw it away
and I’m Shit-talking ‘cause I’m never afraid
Shots coming can’t feel my legs
but I keep running for the thrill of the chase
and I got your number
but I don’t have your name
I never want to stop losing my mind

“We set the video for ‘Losing My Mind’ in a stereotypical LA house party pictured from a super trippy perspective,” explains Lo Lytes. “The song tells a story about a desperate desire to escape from reality while also illustrating the disconnect so many people feel when you’re deep into the party scene. There’s tons of alcohol, tons of strange people around you, but a real lack of genuine connection. The whole song is about putting life on pause and getting lost in a superficial environment.”

The whole song is about putting life on pause and getting lost in a superficial environment.


Losing My Mind - Lo Lytes

Losing My Mind - Lo Lytes

Losing My Mind - Lo Lytes
Lo Lytes – “Losing My Mind” still
Three AM, room is spinning,
neon lights keep on blinking
I don’t like me when I’m thinking,
wanna feel this good all the time

The collaboration of singer Jameson Morris and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rockwell Sands, Lo Lytes are a young duo with incredible potential. Their debut accentuates their heavy understanding of pop music, without relying too heavily on any one style or sound. We can feel the influence of Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk as much as that of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake – yet underneath it all, lie the barebones of a great song: A tune that could be played any number of ways, which stands out on its own thanks to powerful melodies, rich and illustrative lyricism, and a provocative story that keeps us hooked from start to finish.

Lo Lytes’ debut EP Lonely Weather, Vol 1 is due out this fall. While you wait, gratify your senses with the intoxicating rush of letting go, and surrendering to the night: Stream “Losing My Mind,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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