Today’s Song: Korean Alt-Rock Artist LØREN Breaks the Mold with “Folks”

LØREN © 88rising and The Black Label
LØREN © 88rising and The Black Label
LØREN highlights the themes of going against the grain and self-discovery of his new EP ‘Put Up a Fight’ with his rebellious alt-rock anthem, “Folks.”
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When looking at the credits for LØREN’s first release in two years, there’s no doubt he’s a force to be reckoned with.

As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, he wrote, composed, produced and played every single instrument on the EP Put Up A Fight all by himself. The track “Folks” stood out since he debuted it live during his first stateside appearance, at SXSW Music Festival. Read about his performances here.

Put Up a Fight - LØREN
Put Up a Fight – LØREN

“Folks” takes you through his inner battle of not being able to be his own person. Between his raspy voice and alternating Korean and English lyrics full of angst, the song poses an internal struggle to be himself rather than what is expected of him.

“낡은 내 생각들에 오늘도 져버린 채
가라앉기 바쁜데”

The line from the very first verse roughly translates to “losing another day to my rusty thoughts, I’m too busy sinking into the ground.” The lyrics paint a picture of the suffocating nature of being misunderstood. The track is not only sonically striking, but the music video mirrors a strong visual for the song. A curly-haired blonde LØREN is tied in a burning home followed by scenes of him being dragged and running through a cathedral with bullets and arrows flying towards him. The gruesome and bloody imagery is paired with the word “Liberty” painted on the wall, ending with LØREN playing guitar on top of the church with a fireworks backdrop.

My lies are getting told
These folks will never know
Inside what’s left of my mind
And I should never show
If I’m ever gonna be unknown
So drag me back in line
‘Cause I’m never gonna be alright

Being Korean born and Singaporean raised, LØREN grew up in conservative cultures, and has been open about never fitting into the blocks people tried to put him in. He never tried to depict himself as a rebel, but knows much of his actions of self-discovery are misconstrued as insurgence. The lyrics of this track beg for the story to be told from the source. The defiant imagery and the delivery of the song, all lead back to the agony of being misunderstood.

LØREN Makes a Mark with First Stateside Performances at SXSW 2023!


LØREN, an anagram for “loner,” is a new face that brings grungy, guitar-heavy tracks on being an outsider to the table.

“Folks” is a great introduction to his brand new EP, and a call to all the non-conformists, pop-punk or rock fans, and misfits looking to get into Korean music.

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Stream: “Folks`” – LØREN

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Put Up a Fight - LØREN

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