Today’s Song: The Birds Outside My Window Deliver Mind-Bending Sounds with “Chirp”

Almost as if they are playing for just me, these birds outside my window can’t seemingly stop with their incessant singing.
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Listen: “Chirp” – Birds

The magnanimous grace of the sunlit adorned sky in the morn is an introduction to the day that is simply nonpareil. Its beauty is enrapturing, the onrush of nature causing a chill to run through my body, only elevating the world around me. However, my mornings recently have had a change in schedule. It’s not the rays that awaken me, but rather the call of the wild: the “chirp” of a bird.

Chirp – Birds

Is there no better way to start the day, or rather last 28 days, than with the constant crows, caws, and calls of tiny, seemingly infinite amounts of birds? These dulcet tunes are hypnotic, making my quarantined life one that feels endless. Whether it be 4:00 AM or 7:00 AM, these birds never fail to deliver on the head-invading tunes that are making me run around my apartment in a frenzy.

One of the greatest aspects of these songs are their random encounters. No day is alike, the songs never played at the same time. In a video call with your boss? Not anymore, now you’re transported to an avian garden, drowning out the noise of your supervisor with their impatient eyes penetrating your mind. Getting stir crazy and having a panic attack? Worry not, these birds will play you into a sonically induced coma, making you forget those worries all together, along with a few hundred brain cells in the process. Like clockwork, though, they’ll be back the next day to start the process anew.

Tweet, tweet, tweet,
caw, caw, caw
coo, coo, coo
chirp, chirp, chirp
hoot, hoot, hoot

An Advil or four can pause the music for a moment, but rest assured you won’t be able to restock anytime soon, meaning the birds and their musings are inevitable. There is simply no escape. The chirps provide a bustling soundscape, one that will follow and infect the minds of listeners and swarm the ears without care. Reprieve isn’t an option, the only way to move forward being to succumb to the will of the avian overlords.

Don’t fight it—there is no point to it. The birds will win. Always. Embrace the chirps and become one with the cuckoo. Who knows, you might eventually understand what it is they are shrieking, but don’t hold your breath on it, no matter how badly you want to.

Listen: “Chirp” – Birds

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