Premiere: Marina City’s Seductively Sweet “Addicted”

Marina City © 2019
Marina City © 2019
Seductively sweet, Marina City’s infectious smooth jam “Addicted” is a pulsing rejection of coasting through life.
Stream: “Addicted” – Marina City
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If something no longer makes you happy, then get rid of it. You will never grow if you always feel content.

Marina City aren’t beating around the bush in their new single; they’re done spending time and energy on the people and things that no longer work for them, and they’re taking action to follow through. Their infectious smooth jam “Addicted” is a pulsing rejection of coasting through life – an embrace of hard, meaningful choices that may be tough in the near-term, but will pay off in the long run.

Marina City - Addicted
Addicted – Marina City
Heaven’s not right
I feel good but I am not fine
Don’t know if I’ll make it out alive
That’s a worry for another time (another time)
So tell me
Am I getting better? or is it finally working?
I feel as light as a feather
but I keep packing on the pounds
Am I alive?
That’s a worry for another time (another time)

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Addicted,” Marina City’s debut release of 2019 and their first single following August 2017’s Terminal EP – a record that put the Chicago sextet on the map. The indie pop band of Ryan Argast, Brian Johnson, Matt Gaudiano, Eric Somers-Urrea, Aaron Heiy, and Todor Birindjiev, Marina City are as much about the frills and the thrills, as they are about the dark depths of soul that only come out at night. “Addicted” pulls from both worlds as the band confront emotional complacency.

“Being ‘content‘ is just as much of an addiction as ‘wanting more,'” Marina City tell Atwood Magazine. “We associate being “content” as being fulfilled however, being “content” can hinder us in finding something better. The song ‘Addicted‘ is about being addicted to feeling content with the things that are detrimental. You know it’s bad, but you are always looking for the good in it. We trick ourselves into believing things are good. If something no longer makes you happy, then get rid of it. You will never grow if you always feel content.”

The band come together in high fashion as they explode in a vibing chorus:

I’m addicted to all our tragedies
my heart is black and blue
from what you do to me
But I want you, but I want you
Addicted to tragedies
Marina City © 2019
Marina City © 2019

Frontman Ryan Argast’s falsetto is sweetly seductive as he croons his lines, injecting layers of feeling in such a way that the notion of being addicted to trajedies truly hits home. There is pain in this track; it is, if anything, more a sorrowful lament than anything else. This is a relationship’s swan song; the melancholic parting of ways on a journey that perhaps should have ended a longer time ago.

Of course, the song’s end still leaves things unclear: The narrator wants to move on and needs to get out of the present situation, but as we all know only too well, it’s far easier to say something than to follow through. “Addicted” leaves us hanging, with the end result up in the air: Will the addiction continue, and keep them together? Or can willpower save the day?

Marina City’s music is sexy and sensual, resplendent and vibey. They’re indie pop with an R&B twist, evoking the best of Prince, Michael Jackson, and The 1975 without sounding like anyone but themselves. Stream “Addicted” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from the Chicago band in the year ahead!

Marina City will headline Chcago’s Chop Shop on April 5.

Stream: “Addicted” – Marina City
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Marina City - Addicted

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