Premiere: Mishegas’ “Untitled” Instrumental Radiates a Soothing Tranquility

Mishegas © Morgan Kranston, Laith Khalifeh
Mishegas © Morgan Kranston, Laith Khalifeh
A buoyant wellspring of warmth, NY artist Mishegas’ new instrumental “Untitled” is a sweetly glistening ray of sonic sunshine.
Stream: “Untitled” – Mishegas

There’s a soothing quality about Mishegas’ music, and his new single couldn’t come at a better time. A buoyant wellspring of warmth, the artist’s new instrumental “Untitled” is a sweetly glistening ray of sonic sunshine.

Untitled - Mishegas
Untitled – Mishegas

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Untitled,” Mishegas’ first single of 2020 and his first offering since 2019’s standalone single, “Moments.” Out November 6, “Untitled” is Mishegas’ debut release since signing with Nettwerk Music Group and the first look at his upcoming debut EP, set for release in 2021.

The musical project for New York City-based electronic artist Emilio Quezada Ibañez, Mishegas has been actively weaving hypnotizing tapestries of lush sound since his debut in 2016. His latest release is a full-bodied swell of reverb-laden guitars and select bells and whistles that help an untitled piece of work shimmer with mellow, unassuming grace.

“I spent time in Mexico City with my family one winter and was incessantly listening to Jake McMullen’s cover of ‘Dancing on My Own’, Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Big Thief, and Clairo while driving through rural parts of the country,” Ibañez tells Atwood Magazine. “Spending lots of time in a car made me want to write a song for that environment; similar to what I was listening to at the time. Once I was back home, the core of the song came about in a few hours. But for something that came about so naturally, it was incredibly difficult to finish. Even the name of the song was just a placeholder. It’s been a long and difficult process, but I’m happy with the fact that it fits into the ambiguous space that I’m trying to explore in my music.”

I’m not sure if I ever fully had an end vision in mind. Leaving it “Untitled” felt right.

With cool saxophones and ethereal synths adding extra oomph to the comforting calm, Mishegas’ music has that uncanny effect of washing over the senses and replacing old feelings with new ones. It’s better than spa music, while ostensibly having the same effect.

His untitled new track can truly be what you want it to be, yet whatever that is, it surely will accompany feelings of renewal, rejuvenation, and possibility. At this moment of turbulence, divide, and uncertainty, Mishegas’ “Untitled” feels like a source of tranquility and serenity. Stream it exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Stream: “Untitled” – Mishegas

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Untitled - Mishegas

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