Today’s Song: Myles Lloyd Pours His Heart Out in the Raw R&B Track “Counting Days”

Myles Lloyd © 2021
Myles Lloyd © 2021
Myles Lloyd draws on his deepest truth mixing fresh R&B with the power of leaving the comfort zone on his latest track “Counting Days.”
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Listen: “Counting Days” – Myles Lloyd

When it comes to R&B, Canadians know what’s up. Montreal’s Myles Lloyd is snowballing his success dropping raw, icy tracks melted by a world of introspective thoughts, deep-thinking, and authenticity. His latest track “Counting Days” sees Lloyd opening up, giving us the most transparent version of himself to date.

Counting Days – Myles Lloyd

Growing up, Lloyd was engulfed in a world of sports, but the only thing that set his heart alight was music, particularly Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” video. After the release of his 2019 debut album Goodbye, a collection of 11 songs that merged the sounds of hip-hop and R&B, to Lloyd’s surprise he racked up a few million streams leaving him sure music was his destined path. Inspired by BET Network rotating the likes of Usher and Omarion, the Canadian shares how like his inspirations, he really gravitated more to those genre themes of love, sex, romance, heartbreak, and betrayal. He reveals, “The emotion through storytelling, especially from those artists stood out to me. The fact that they would also dance brought back the same feeling I got when watching Michael Jackson.”

I broke down waiting for you,
But what an angel this girl was to come through,
I already know what to do,
When I’m with you, I’m only with you

Lloyd combines a darker dusting over the soundscape with an underlying exotic glaze. From pulsing bass sounds like a washed-out 808 to echoing distorted melodies and subtle juxtaposed euphoria, the artist delivers resolving motifs and a hopeful, soft vocal tone. Perhaps leaning towards a pop sensibility, the flowing structure encapsulates the journey of his introspective healing. The alluring frequencies paired with his real and transparent lyricism makes for an honest, organic, and unique R&B experience.

Tell me something new tired of all this waiting,
I need something new demons are complaining,
I wanna let them go,
I don’t think that you are built up to wait for nothing,
We gotta learn something

Myles Lloyd © John Dagsaan

Described by the songwriter himself as his “realest song yet,” “Counting Days” narrates the importance of pushing yourself into growth and the staggering impact this can have on uncovering your pain and lifting the weights of your demons and their motley crew. Lloyd ensures his music is a true reflection of his life. Combining lessons, thoughts, and gratitudes, he will shine a light on the darkest places in your soul, helping you find a way out of the pain and trauma life can bestow upon us. He confides, “I hope that when people listen to this song they realise that they aren’t alone. Everyone is trying to figure themselves out during these times and are missing the way things used to be.”

I’ve been waiting,
Oh I’m happy right here,
So baby don’t mess this up like the apartment that I got you,
Accusing me of all the shit that you would do

Impressively, despite the clear melancholic tone, much about this record feels inspirational, hopeful, and optimistic. The building pitches and melodies, particularly those leading up to the chorus mirror a wave of excitement; the upbeat build-up into a minimal drop touches on the beauty of getting out of your comfort zone. The fear of falling short by moving into unknown territory is cut short by the gentle dip into his tender yet powerful chorus. It’s unbelievably admirable and refreshing to hear a track about self-improvement, retrospect, and healing – Lloyd is undoubtedly paving the way for more depth and vulnerability when it comes to songwriting in mainstream R&B. The Montreal artist explains, “There is no right or wrong way when it comes to growth. It’s all a part of your growth process. Keep going and don’t take life for granted. My songs are full of ups and downs because that’s honestly how life is. I let it all go in the songs and hope for anyone who hears it to understand that.”

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Listen: “Counting Days” – Myles Lloyd

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