Premiere: Get High on Craig Stickland’s Fiery Celebration “Burn It Down”

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Bold, bright, and blissful, Craig Stickland’s “Burn It Down” is an exultant ray of sunshine that’ll light our days and warm our nights.

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Throw your hands up, and burn it all down: Craig Stickland’s fiery new single is a euphoric invitation to join together in song and, as one, raise our voices to the heavens. Bold, bright, and blissful, “Burn It Down” is an exultant ray of sunshine that’ll light our days and warm our nights.

Anytime’s a time for celebration
Any day’s a day for vacation
I’m alive and feel like getting high
Colorado, Arizona, Vegas
Everywhere I’m making friends with strangers
Everybody wants to get inspired
When days feel right,
pass me the light and dro
We’re gonna burn it down into sky
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Burn It Down,” the euphoric new single by Toronto singer/songwriter Craig Stickland. The lead single off Stickland’s upcoming sophomore album Starlit Afternoon (out later 2019), “Burn It Down” radiates cheer and togetherness with the energy and bombast of Imagine Dragons and Bastille. It’s a powerful reintroduction for Stickland, who released his debut album Leave Me to the Wild in 2016 and has more recently been playing live to thousands as guitarist for Alessia Cara. “Burn It Down” rings out with the energy of those massive arenas and stadiums: A graceful spark of sonic dynamite, it’s pop/rock euphoria served hot.

It’s the kind of song that’ll get you high.

Burn It Down - Craig Stickland

Burn It Down – Craig Stickland

Burn it down baby
To the ground baby
We’re gonna burn it down to the sky

“It’s got upbeat drums and driving energy,” Stickland tells Atwood Magazine of his new song. “I had just done a Coldplay tour with Alessia, so we wanted to be giant and anthemic on the tune. ‘Burn It Down’ felt like the one to lead with, because it’s meant to fire people up. Of course, it had to be about smoking weed.”

Did we forget to mention that?

Stickland leans in on his second verse as he celebrates humanity’s tendency to come together over certain rituals that date back hundreds of years:

Doesn’t matter color, creed or flavor’
Cause you will always be my neighbor
When we hit that dream and catch the sky
Don’t try to tell me that your mama didn’t blaze up

In a time of such deep and bitter division, “Burn It Down” feels like an escape from the madness in its call for unity. “[It’s] a song that stems from rebellion,” Stickland explains. “Breaking free of abiding by the traditional rules of society, it’s a song that represents freedom, happiness and togetherness.” Hopefully, such a world isn’t all that far away.

Stickland ignites on his first single of 2019 in a blaze of dramatic splendor (there really is no end to the burning metaphors here). “Burn It Down” is the perfect setup for a promising 2019, and an exciting first glimpse of what’s to come from Craig Stickland in 2019!

Stream the new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine, along with a live “Van Sessions” performance!

We’ve been burning down in every generation
So get lit and feel alright
When days feel right, pass me the light and dro
We’re gonna burn it down into sky
Burn it down baby
To the ground baby
Burn it down with me

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Stream: “Burn It Down” – Craig Stickland

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Burn It Down - Craig Stickland

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