Premiere: Get It on with Josie Dunne’s Catchy Make Out Anthem “Mute”

Josie Dunne basks in the heat of the moment in her quirky new make out anthem “Mute.”

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Can we hit mute, hit mute, and let our bodies do what they do?

There comes a point, in every courtship, where words cease to be of import and romance takes over. Love is as physical as it is emotional, and sometimes you just want to kiss! Josie Dunne basks in the heat of the moment in her quirky new make out anthem “Mute,” a passionate and fun embrace of intimacy full of love, lust, and Dunne’s charismatic nerdy charm.

Mute - Josie Dunne
Mute – Josie Dunne
we met up last week at a cover band bar
it was too loud to speak
so we got in your car

and rolled round the block
with your playlist on

rap caviar, and your favorite song went…
and we talked about how
you’re gonna throw that kegger

the first day back of our fall semester
and i know i might’ve
come across annoyed

but you looked like a man
and talked like a boy

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Mute,” Josie Dunne’s first single of 2019 (released February 22, 2019 via Atlantic Records). A groovy, feel-good pop song with jamming vibes and infectious melodies, “Mute” is a sweet n’ savory PG outpouring of desire — leaving much to the imagination, Dunne captures the urgency of lust while toying with candid wordplay and clever poetry.

Josie Dunne © Bree Marie Fish
Josie Dunne © Bree Marie Fish

Of course, sometimes it’s okay to beat around the bush and let the anticipation build. “Mute” is not one of those times; Dunne is direct with what she wants, instructing her partner to stop talking and make a move.

Now we’ve already said everything, it’s time to use our lips for better things…

Bow chicka wow wow! With hormones a’raging and electricity in the air, Dunne sheds all pretense while still keeping things light and easy.

“Fun” has come to be something of a staple of Dunne’s music; at 22, the Illinois-born, Nashville-based Atwood artist-to-watch has already worked with a plethora of A-level artists and songwriters. Last year, she signed a major label recording deal with Atlantic Records, and subsequently released her debut EP To Be the Little Fish in June 2018. The EP is a dynamic force with which to be reckoned, full of big Motown-style horns and infectious energies. In December, Atwood highlighted Josie Dunne’s holiday song “Cold in December,” declaring it “a poignant, moving piano ballad full of heartwrenching beauty.” Dunne was also featured in December’s Mistletones interviews.

Cold in December - Josie Dunne
Cold in December – Josie Dunne

Whereas “Cold in December” portrayed the artist’s ability to wreak havoc on our emotional states, “Mute” is more a playful, breezy romp through the grass. It’s an invitation to get down to business, radiating warmth and bright light.

can we hit mute, hit mute
and let our bodies do what they do
baby, can we hit mute, hit mute
no, not another word out of you
baby, can we hit mute
baby, can we hit mute

Directed by Bree Marie Fish, Dunne’s “Mute” music video is as fun as the song itself: Starring Dunne and Seth Dunlap (of SVVN / The Dunlap Brothers), the video features Dunne co-opting a number of memeable roles as she relates the song’s message of less words, more action. 😉

Josie Dunne © Bree Marie Fish
Josie Dunne © Bree Marie Fish

“This video is definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever done,” Dunne tells Atwood Magazine. “‘Mute’ was one of those songs that immediately after I wrote it, I knew exactly what I wanted the video to be: Me in tons of different TV shows. And it was sooooo fun to film! I felt like I just got to play dress up for a day. I was the Bachelorette, a news anchor, a game show contestant, the front-woman of a girl band, and an infomercial saleswoman. Throughout the day, I got to wear three different wigs, and I don’t think I’d ever worn a wig before so that was exciting, too!”

She continues, “A cool little thing about the ‘Mute’ video is that my friend Seth plays my opponent on the game show channel. If you’ve ever seen one of my music videos before, you might recognize him!! He was my love interest in the last music video I put out, “Cool With It”. And for this video, we wanted him to come back for another little cameo! Overall, filming the video was a blastttt. I got to act ridiculous, dressed up as funny characters so we all laughed a lot that day.”

Josie Dunne’s “Mute” music video is an enchanting festival of fun. Stream it exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from this stellar artist to watch in the year ahead!

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Mute - Josie Dunne

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