Premiere: Richard Walters’ Hauntingly Romantic “Nervous Energy”

Richard Walters © 2017
Richard Walters © 2017
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The waveform for Richard Walters’ new single “Nervous Energy” is a small sinusoidal curve with subtle fluctuations. Up, and down, in and out it gently flows, a fitting visual for the touching tune. Hauntingly delicate and beautifully soft, “Nervous Energy” evokes an intimate love from deep within.

I’m father and boy
Both air and the soil
Your words are water to me now
Run deep in my veins
You mender of pain
Your skin is warm against my skin
Listen: “Nervous Energy” – Richard Walters
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Richard Walters’ latest release “Nervous Energy,” the fourth in a series of five stand-alone singles recorded by rising producer Patrick James Pearson (Grace Lightman, Avante Black). A graceful piano ballad elevated to new heights thanks to studio work, “Nervous Energy” glistens with pure, unadulterated love.

Walters shines in a moment of raw exposure as he goes from a whisper to a shout:

It’s only when I’m with you
That I feel nervous energy

The chorus’ vocal line is massive, a powerful juxtaposition to the finely finessed verse. We feel Walters’ sincerity as he sings of unconditional love, and a desire to transplant that emotion across all timelines and planes: To maintain that feeling across all existence.

Nervous Energy - Richard Walters
Nervous Energy – Richard Walters
If we’re to believe that many worlds
lie side by side
I hate to think that I’m not
with you in each life
I’ve dozed in this light
Stayed close in the night
Your touch is oxygen to me

“I developed a weird fascination with the ‘Many Worlds’ theory a couple of years back, the idea of a multiverse and endless life-scenarios playing out in parallel,” Walters shares. “I kept thinking about the implications for our relationships within this concept… It felt oddly romantic, and in my case apt, to say “I hope we’re together in every single version of this world”. It’s a quantum mechanics ballad I suppose.””

A “quantum mechanics” ballad it may be, but “Nervous Energy” is profoundly human, capturing the authentic essence of devotion. Join Richard Walters in his moving romance, exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Nervous Energy - Richard Walters

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