Premiere: Indigo Husk Shine Bright in “Not Feeling Better”

Indigo Husk © 2018
Dynamic and explosive, Indigo Husk’s brand new single “Not Feeling Better” turns the bad times into good through a cathartic cacophony of indie rock energy.

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It’s amazing how music can take feeling crappy and turn it on its head. Dynamic and explosive, Indigo Husk’s brand new single “Not Feeling Better” turns the bad times into good through a cathartic cacophony of indie rock energy.

Despite all of the vital signs
i’m flying under the radar
spent some time alone but
i’m not feeling any better
Despite all of the crazy
good things i feel so adjacent
There’s a deadlift on my back
dragging me to the pavement
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Not Feeling Better,” the latest single from from London indie rockers Indigo Husk. Channeling pent-up energies through thrilling, fuzz-toned indie rock, Indigo Husk attack their music like they’re discovering punk for the first time, delivering a heart-healthy dose of garage rock and who knows what else into a sonic onslaught that is as fun and engaged as it is wry and aloof. Consisting of Joe Hamm, Joe Taylor, Joe Maclaren, and Flynn Allott, Indigo Husk are the high-flying musical dynamite you’ve been waiting to discover this year.

Not Feeling Better - Indigo Husk © 2018

Not Feeling Better – Indigo Husk © 2018

Feeling sick and chewed up
Blues have got you screwed up
Wrap yourself in leather
And feel better
Dance with your lover
Dance with your brother
Dance with your mother and feel better

“‘Not Feeling Better’ unintentionally became a kind of self-help mantra,” Joe Hamm explains. “It initially started as a songwriting attempt to juxtapose all the sad feelings I was going through at the time against a happy melody. The result being a chant-like chorus that plays on the idea of brushing yourself off and surrounding yourself with your loved ones and just carrying on! It felt natural to incorporate the Brass section again and it i think it adds to the can-do nature of the song!”

Despite all of this crazy feeling
i feel so serene now
spent some time to cool down
feeling awful blue now
And you know all my secrets
you could sink me so hard
but i trust in you to keep
your cards close to your heart
Indigo Husk © 2018

Indigo Husk © 2018

Their lyrics are relatively literal, but the shoe fits perfectly – Indigo Husk faithfully encapsulate the restlessness of anxiety and the nerves of sadness, turning frowns upside down not through positive thinking or anything like that, but rather through sheer willpower – radiant desire. And while some sad songs remain sad and downtrodden despite that yearning to smile, “Not Feeling Better” really does lift us up and shoot us into the sky.

They’re young. They’re riled up. And they’ll make you happy. Stream Indigo Husk’s infectiously catchy brand new single exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Not Feeling Better - Indigo Husk © 2018

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