Video Premiere: Wrestling Reality with Pegasus Warning’s Glitchy, Groovy “Alllove”

Pegasus Warning © Mary Rozzi
Pegasus Warning © Mary Rozzi
Pegasus Warning’s groovy and glitchy “Alllove” comes to life in a colorful collage of twists, turns, and head-scratchers that remind us that above all, it’s all love.
Stream: “Alllove” – Pegasus Warning, Solomon Dorsey

When the party’s over, everyone gets colder…

Sometimes the mind plays tricks on us; other times, it feels like someone else is pulling the rug out from underneath – but ultimately, what are we going to do but keep on living, smiling and grinning? If you’ve ever had to give your life a double-take, then Pegasus Warning’s new video is for you: The groovy and glitchy “Alllove” comes to life in a colorful collage of twists, turns, and head-scratchers that remind us that above all, it’s all love.

Inspiration Equation - Pegasus Warning
Inspiration Equation – Pegasus Warning
wake up and put this spirit in my microphone
it’s the type of spirit that won’t leave me alone
caught you talkin’ in your sleep
and it was this melody (ALLLOVE)
there is nothing you can buy
or even testify on LOVE
search far and wide to find the special one

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the Vice Cooler-directed music video for “Alllove,” a single off Pegasus Warning’s recently-released debut album Inspiration Equation (released November 19, 2021 via Melanin Harmonique Recordings). The moniker for NYC-based experimental r&b/jazz artist Guillermo E. Brown – a bandmate of Dev Hynes, collaborator with Philip Glass, and the house drummer for The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS – Pegasus Warning knows no bounds; he goes where the music takes him, incorporating in his art a wealth of styles and influences from around the world. Inspiration Equation‘s 45-minute journey is a soaring, dramatic, and deeply moving experience – one with tributes like the sweeping “Breonna Taylor,” and enchanting collaborations like “In Love Again” (with Nia Andrews and Vicky Farewell) and “Don’t Be a Stranger” (with Mocky).

Pegasus Warning © Mary Rozzi
Pegasus Warning © Mary Rozzi

Perhaps the album’s funkiest track, “Alllove” is a bright and buoyant implosion featuring Kansas City, Missouri-based bassist, singer, and producer Solomon Dorsey. It’s a colorful delight, with thick bass and woozy synths laying a strong foundation for all to get their grove on. Pegasus Warning sings of life turning upside down and inside out, psyching us out and leaving us to question how things got to where they are – a theme that receives strong representation in his new visual accompaniment.

when the party’s over
chile, you’re one year older (ALLLOVE)
when the party’s over
everyone gets colder

“The video for ALLLOVE lovingly directed by all around super human VICE COOLER and speaks to our present moment and life in general, things can go from paper to gold and back again in a flash, and embracing change,” the artist tells Atwood Magazine. “With a huge heap of surrealism, the video questions our perception of hope, destiny, patience, love, and the unknown. The objects wielded in are rendered powerful and useless at the same time. But everything ultimately comes to one conclusion: It’s all love.”

Get out, let this spirit kick me out my door
issa bop realization this could be folklore!
catch me driving in my Beemer
these same streets that had my feet
when the work day’s over
all your friends come over (ALLLOVE)
when the party’s over
hearts cannot get colder
Pegasus Warning © Mary Rozzi
Pegasus Warning © Mary Rozzi
Shut up and let this spirit dig you out sommore (oh yeah)
it’s that feeling that your feeling down to your core (oh yeah)
when the (art) work don’t speak to me i’m that lonely type of freak ( (ALLLOVE)
when you’re doin everything and there’s still no diamond ring (ALLLOVE)
search far nod wide to find the special one
When the party’s over
child you’re one year older (ALLLOVE)
when the party’s over
everyone comes over (ALLLOVE)

“Allove” is an absorbent experimental delight: Pegasus Warning lets the music flow free, crafting a tight and bright groove in which we can lose ourselves, dance away the day or night while dwelling in this story of embracing existence and accepting that, whatever happens, it’s all love. His is a message we could use more and more of these days; stream the “Alllove” music video exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and give Pegasus Warning’s Inspiration Equation a listen: It’s a radiant record built out of risk, passion, beauty, and exploration.

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Stream: “Alllove” – Pegasus Warning, Solomon Dorsey

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Inspiration Equation - Pegasus Warning

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