A Deep Dive into Another Dimension: A Track-by-Track Review of Ebony Buckle’s ‘Disco Lasers’

Ebony Buckle - Disco Lasers
Ebony Buckle’s ‘Disco Lasers’ is a cauldron of the London-based singer/songwriter’s own experiences in love, dreams, folk tales, and legends.
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I defy you to name another album as colorful and imaginative as Ebony Buckle’s Disco Lasers.

The Aussie-born, London-based singer/songwriter recently unveiled the Alice in Wonderlandesque album, allowing you to enter her wonderful world of curiosities. Touching on everything from alien invasions, underwater creatures, and Norse Gods, no surface is left uncovered, making this an incredibly interesting album to explore. Her storytelling lyricism captivates you with each and every word, sucking you into her world and keeping you along for the ride.

Ebony Buckle – Disco Lasers

Although Buckle may have a distinct and recognizable sound throughout the album, her song themes follow no pattern. Each track is entirely different, holding its own little universe and yet it seems to work so seamlessly. There’s no opportunity to get bored during the ten songs and accumulative 44 minutes.

Produced alongside her husband, Nick Burns, the release blends folk and pop along with a sprinkling of classical flourishes. Showcasing her stunning falsetto vocals, Disco Lasers is a cauldron of Buckle’s own experiences in love, dreams, folk tales, and legends. Cooking up a unique recipe, Buckle is incomparable to any other artist, with her originality shining like the North Star.

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Drawing inspiration from the discovery of the 52hz whale and the phenomenon of its unique calling, this transcendent track dives into the wonder and intrigue of a new world and new possibilities. The heavenly instrumentation and hypnotic vocals create a kaleidoscope of delirium, establishing Ebony’s ability to explore new themes and reach beyond typical realms..

The Planet Who Believed

Following an article written around the discovery of gas clouds in space that were acting like stars, this song tells the relatable story of belief and perception, and how everything may not be as it appears. Ebony explains, “I think so many of us find ourselves in a situation we thought we had understood, only to find out it is vastly different and very much out of our control.”

Who Remembers

The serene falsetto vocals and tranquil instrumentation mirror that of the evocative tale. With an accompanying video reminiscent of “Stranger Things,” this song tells the story of an alien invasion that left the planet depleted of life, with the exception of one survivor pleading for help.


Singing of an impractical love affair between a sea spirit and a mortal man, this track exudes passion and promise. Taking inspiration from Celtic and Arctic Inuit folklore, the delicate and trickling verses embody that of a young and naïve woman who has been trapped, before bursting into a cinematic chorus, reflecting the freedom of the selkie as it returns to the wild.

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Shaped by a dream of being a god herself, the song is fused by drama and pure imagination. The somber tones and haunting harmonies elevate the narrative of yearning and heartbreak, capturing the essence of the immortal realm. Buckle confessed, “As a child, I was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology and so this must have crept into my subconscious somewhere.”

Wild Woman

Petitioning to your inner self to be wild and free, this song is a tale of empathy and encouragement to draw on your authentic self. Punctured by lack of self-confidence, this song hopes to provoke a feeling of self-worth and liberty. Inspired by a quote from “Women who run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the stripped back and unrefined visuals for this track depict that of a ‘wild woman’ with no inhibitions, elevating this uplifting message further.

You Took Your Time

Based on the debilitating loss of your own individuality, “You Took Your Time” explores the quest to find yourself again. Shining a light on employing creativity as a therapeutic outlet, the track’s seductive strings and melancholy melodies create a somber yet supportive tone, delving into new spheres of spirituality and questioning our place on this earth.

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Little Stars

The soothing sound of “Little Stars” explores the process of discovering that not everything is as okay as you thought it may be. Cleanly depicting this narrative, the music video begins with a close-up shot of Buckle, and gradually pans out to the gentle hum of the piano, illustrating the change of perspective.

Disco Lasers

Immersing herself into heavier topics and perhaps juxtaposed by the song’s title; “Disco Lasers” explores the pressures surrounding motherhood. Deeply emotive and bursting with uplifting harmonies, the penultimate track bridges the gap between fear and hope, and truly captures the feelings around this weighty topic.

Thank You, Goodbye

Set amongst the freeing fields and open countryside, the final track of the album bids a farewell to tiresome and timid thought patterns. Expressing gratitude to her protective psyche and acknowledging the limitations that may have held her back, Buckle exudes the characteristics of a free and fearless woman, breaking the confines of her own mind.

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