Today’s Song: The Reflective Rumination of Rhys Lewis’ “What If”

Rhys Lewis © Daniel Alexander Harris
Rhys Lewis © Daniel Alexander Harris
Returning with his first track since the release of his sophomore EP ‘In Between Minds’, Rhys Lewis poignantly ponders a past romance with “What If.”
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Break ups are almost always unavoidably hard. Whether you’re the one being dumped unexpectedly out of the blue or you’re the one who’s trying to tell someone you still care about that you can’t be with them, it’s an unequivocally awful experience. The anxiety, uncertainty, worry and anguish all seem to melt into one another leaving you in a state of unpleasant uneasiness and devasting distress. But that paralyzingly intense initial blow is often relatively short-lived. The melancholic rumination of wondering what could have been if you both held on can, in the long run, be much more destructive.

What If- Rhys Lewis

With his latest single “What If”, Rhys Lewis addresses this often-detrimental rumination in a way that’s earnestly emotional and touchingly impassioned. Although his lyricism is stunning, with just his vocal performance Lewis manages to convey both the emotions behind his painful reflections on lost love and the intense adoration he once felt. It’s perhaps in the track’s second verse that Lewis reaches his most earnest detailing in previous inability to see in himself what his ex-girlfriend saw in him.

Well I know you tried to get me to see
Myself in the mirror the way that you saw me
But I was so blind, that all I could do
Was think that my darkness was the shadow of you

With just a handful of lines, Lewis manages to paint a vivid portrait of his headspace in a way that’s both delightfully detailed and easily accessible. While “What If” is firmly rooted in heartache, across his discography Lewis has managed to deeply delve into a variety of subject matters and emotions in a stunningly touching and deeply affecting way. His varied discography is a remarkable feat, especially considering there’s still no sign of his highly anticipated debut album in sight.

Speaking of the track, Rhys said “”What If” came from the regret I felt from letting go of something good too soon. My mind was a mess at the time and I rushed into a decision to end things. Now thinking about her has become a bad habit, a kind of accepted addiction, like checking my phone. She changed me, and breaking up with her changed me, all in ways I’m forever grateful for.”

But what if, what if we’d held on for longer?
Or what if, what if breaking made us stronger?
Either way, I’m contemplating if there’s a way to get you back
‘Cause every day I’m tired of thinking what if, what if, what if

He continues: “So it’s hard to keep my mind away from the idea of going back to her, especially when the ways in which I’ve changed make me feel closer to her. I understand her more, I understand myself more. I never understood either when we were together which is why it didn’t work at the time.”

Every single track that Rhys Lewis releases challenges your perceptions of him as a songwriter in the best way possible. While simplistic heartbreak anthems may offer an easier path to success, it’s evident that Lewis wants to continue to push himself as an artist both lyrically and sonically. With the outcome of that ingenuity being a series of successive releases that highlight him as one of the UK’s hottest singer-songwriters. His music has clearly struck a chord with fans globally, with Lewis set to visit the likes of Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo on his upcoming Asian tour before heading back to the UK this November for a series of headline dates.

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Stream: “What If” – Rhys Lewis

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