EP Premiere: Riley Pearce Captures the Beauty & Magic of Connection with ‘Love and All That Stuff’

Riley Pearce © Al Parkinson
Riley Pearce © Al Parkinson
A buoyant encapsulation of intimacy & connection, Riley Pearce’s ‘Love and All That Stuff’ EP is an honest, heart-on-sleeve set of love songs full of passion, vulnerability, and sincerity.
Stream: “All My Love”  – Riley Pearce

We write endless songs about it, spend our lives searching for it, and if we’re lucky, we find it while we’re young. Love is a mystery – it’s elusive to many, and it takes time, effort, and nurturing to blossom – but love can also the simplest thing in the world. That’s what makes Riley Pearce’s latest collection so special: A five-track encapsulation of intimacy and connection, Love and All That Stuff is an honest, heart-on-sleeve set of love songs full of passion, vulnerability, and sincerity.

Love and All That Stuff - Riley Pearce
Love and All That Stuff – Riley Pearce
All the madness in life that gets hit by the rain
Is calmed at her side
Heaven was only a word, a place out of reach
But I felt it in her
Every last-minute call, the rushing of blood
The backs to the wall
Disappeared from my view, oh I let it all go
In the quiet she drew
Frozen in time
I see her lights, I see her lights
Helps me to find
This peace of mind, this peace of mind
All my love, it’s all for her

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Riley Pearce’s Love and All That Stuff EP, out March 19, 2021 via Nettwerk Music Group. Following 2020’s Maybe I Can Sleep It Off EP, Love and All That Stuff finds Perth’s alt-folk ambassador soaring through a vibrant sea of feeling, getting up-close-and-personal through visceral hot-on-the-mic reflections and stories of moments past and present.

Riley Pearce © Al Parkinson
Riley Pearce © Al Parkinson

“I recorded this EP alongside my last EP ‘Maybe I Can Sleep It Off’ back in March last year with Andy Lawson,” Pearce tells Atwood Magazine. “The impending doom of the pandemic was still quite new and uneasy, but we managed to somehow record two EPs in 10 days before I snuck back to Melbourne two days before the borders closed. This EP is all about journeying through life alongside someone you love, the ups and downs of a relationship, constantly trying to improve yourself for them, planning a future together and letting someone eat the last chip because you know they’d appreciate it. It follows along from a similar sound to the last EP in its tactile nature, but with a bit more emphasis on the rawness of it all. It’s often quite a balancing act to write and record love songs and have it not come off as cheesy, and I really enjoyed that aspect – finding ways to take some of that out of the songs, whether it be in the writing and lyrical phrasing or with various gritty elements in the production side.”

A good love song can be hard to pull off, but Pearce does it five times over on his new EP. From the enveloping warmth of soulful opener “All My Love” and the gritty dynamic drive of “Golden Retriever” to the hushed, atmospheric immersion of “Night Love Sleep” and the pure acoustic balladry of closer “Two Parts,” Pearce’s performance is genuine and raw the whole way through. “I wanna be all that you need me to be – someone who sparks your electricity,” Pearce professes on “Electricity,” surrendering in a fragile confessional all those feelings that tend to well up inside. Through it all, Pearce maintains a balance between sharing his truth and entertaining his audience – making even his most heartfelt moments resonate with compelling melodies and alluring energies.

Those Sunday morning breakfast conversations
Flicking through the paper’s real estate pages
Sipping on homes we can’t afford
What’s it like to have coffee on that porch?
Ooh, and I don’t care if we never get there
I just want you and you alone
One day things will go our way
Maybe we can build ourselves a home
I wanna be all that you need me to be
Someone who sparks your electricity
Two more years and you’ll be done with all your studies
In thirty years you’ll pay it off
Maybe one day I’ll write something we can dance to
God knows that’s where the money is

Riley Pearce © Al Parkinson
Riley Pearce © Al Parkinson

Riley Pearce has always been an electrifying folk-adjacent presence:

From the first time we heard him five long years ago, up through his brand new release, the artist has always poured his full self into his art – and like some kind of fine wine, he’s only getting better with age. Love and All That Stuff embraces a thrilling range of sounds – from electrifying, overdriven highs, to acoustic, ethereal lows – while maintaining that signature buoyant spark of light that makes every Riley Pearce song special.

Experience the full record via our exclusive stream, and peek inside Riley Pearce’s Love and All That Stuff EP with Atwood Magazine as the artist goes track-by-track through the music and lyrics of his latest record!

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Stream: ‘Love and All That Stuff’ – Riley Pearce

:: Inside Love and All That Stuff ::

Love and All That Stuff - Riley Pearce

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All My Love

“All My Love” stemmed from being with someone who helps me to bring out the best version of myself. I’m the kind of person whose mind is on 24/7, and she really helps me to relax, look after myself, and I’ve noticed a really positive change in how I feel and my creative flow as a result.


I wrote “Electricity” about all the optimistic dreaming you have as you go through a relationship in your 20’s. Trying to build that life together and regardless of the end point, you’re happy just going through this life with them at your side.

Golden Retriever

It’s partially a play by play run down of how my girlfriend of 5 years started out and morphs into this song about being with someone where the mundane everyday tasks are made fun because you just enjoy each other’s company so much. Realising that person is the one for you and being willing to do what it takes to make them happy.


When you’re on tour for sometimes 3 or 4 weeks at a time it can be a bit of a strain on a relationship, especially when time zones don’t match up. This song is about savouring the moments when your home and making time for the other person whilst you’re on the road. We moved across the country to start a life together (before this pandemic thing happened) and on a tour a few weeks prior to the move that notion especially was on my mind.

Two Parts

My girlfriend and I have a saying that the energy in a relationship is given 50-50 but when one person is unable to give some of their energy it’s up to the other person to recognise that and fill in the gaps. There’s been various situations over the time we’ve been together where either her or I have been down, and the other person comes to the aid and takes time out of their day to really support them and that’s such a lovely thing.

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Stream: ‘Love and All That Stuff’ – Riley Pearce

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Love and All That Stuff - Riley Pearce

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