Premiere: Getaway Dogs Drizzle Dreamy Acoustic Intimacy & Soul in “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)”

Getaway Dogs © Andrew Hawes
A humbling full-bodied embrace of life’s beauty, “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” immerses listeners in Getaway Dogs’ boundary-less sound.
“Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” – Getaway Dogs

Hypnotic vocal harmonies and swirling guitars, entrancing drum beats and slippery keyboards: All these and more play into Getaway Dogs’ latest fantasia. A humbling full-bodied embrace of life’s beauty, “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” immerses listeners in Getaway Dogs’ boundary-less sound.

Sawtooth - Getaway Dogs

Sawtooth – Getaway Dogs

Is true love climbing a tree for a good view?
Don’t leave this visceral place it’s inside you
Fractals in dark shiny tunnels and k-holes at 3 am
All my logic was out in the wilderness
It never happens like this
I’ve been wrong before
And I’ll be wrong again

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before),” the latest single by Santa Cruz, California-based Getaway Dogs. The musical project of Brazilian-Californian singer/songwriter Kai Killion, Spencer Higgins (drums, percussion), Lucas Heinel (percussion, synth) and Chili Corder (bass), Getaway Dogs introduced themselves first as Killion’s solo project back in 2013, and eventually as a band on 2016’s vibrant debut album Lost in the Ebb. Spacey and full of rich, warm genre-bending tones, this is one band you don’t need to categorize in order to embrace.

“Sawtooth” continues to build upon Getaway Dogs’ sounds of the past, finding them bolder than ever as they weave together a majestic tapestry of influence and inspiration. ““Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” is a special composition to me,” Getaway Dogs’ Kai Killion tells Atwood Magazine. “In many ways, it captures all of the different influences that make our sound into one distinct vibe. From indie rock to soul, to Tropicalia. It was the first of this batch of tunes I was able to finish writing and arrange with the band; our first performances with it going as far back as mid-2017. The studio version of it took a long time to finish and we added so many auxiliary elements that I began to worry its original essence would be lost. But thanks to a lot of patient tinkering on Lucas’ part, I think we mixed it right to where it needed to be; a careful balance of acoustic intimacy and soul with big dreamscapes and psychedelic colors.”

All the same the beauty of things
Must be they change
Can’t explain the beauty of things
Must be they change
Is true love a dip in the bay with no clothes on
You’ve been clouding my head like a new song
One thing I think that I know
Is that people they come and they go
Stay a moment and
Levitate here with me
As far as I can see
I’ve been wrong before
And I’ll be wrong again
Beauty of things
Must be they change

Killion continues, “I was listening to a lot of Broken Social Scene and Nick Hakim at the time we started tracking (January 2018) and you can hear that influence. The horns especially were largely due to my love for BSS’s use of brass to make their indie rock love songs into anthems. As the end of Sawtooth approaches, it unfurls into a slow waltz behind a trombone wail and a bossa nova chord progression which I definitely borrowed from João Gilberto to write. This section is an ode to my upbringing in a bi-cultural household. Being Brazilian-American and a musician, it feels like sort of a prerequisite to pay homage to that beautiful style of music, and it is certainly pervasive throughout this new record.”

Getaway Dogs © Andrew Hawes

Getaway Dogs © Andrew Hawes // L to R: (Spencer Higgins, Lucas Heinel, Kai Killion, Anjoli Kumra, Andrew Hawes)

I’ve been wrong before
I’ll be wrong again
You’ve been wrong before
And you’ll be wrong again
Time goes by I’m sure
Baby just pretend
Waves upon the shore
Don’t break they suspend

This is the soundtrack to a lush, summer dream: A bluesy, rosey, jazzy, and fruitful escape through music. Stream Getaway Dogs’ latest exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

“Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” – Getaway Dogs

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Sawtooth - Getaway Dogs

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