Premiere: Jeri Silverman’s “Come Undone” is a Dark, Imaginative Exploration of Human Nature

Jeri Silverman © Gavin Goodman
Dark, dramatic, and deeply contemplative, Jeri Silverman’s “Come Undone” is a cinematic unraveling of the soul.
Stream: “Come Undone” – Jeri Silverman

Dark, dramatic, and deeply contemplative, Jeri Silverman’s “Come Undone” is a cinematic unraveling of the soul. Beneath each person’s surface there exists a multitude of drivers of thought and behavior – and while we can’t unmask other people for them, Silverman has today delivered a provocative and insightful visual into the rocky and emotional depths of individual psyche.

Come Undone - Jeri Silverman

Come Undone – Jeri Silverman

The things I do in my mind might
make you like me a little bit less

The places I go in my mind might
take me somewhere I won’t confess
and I….I been thinking
of what I wanna do to you

and I….I been wondering
why I can’t let you go
I’ve never been afraid to come undone
and I know that it scares the shit outta you

I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind
but you won’t even when it’s true
and I….I been thinking of what I wanna do to you
and I….I been wondering why I can’t let you go
Scratch the inside of my mind to find
you never knew I could be this unkind

Wrap the blinders round your eyes
to hide you never knew all I wanted was you

Maybe you’ve seen the worst of me, honey
Maybe you just can’t handle me, honey
I wanna see you…see you dance tonight

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for Jeri Silverman’s “Come Undone,” directed by photographer Gavin Goodman and shot by Thomas Roos. Released as a single on August 23rd, “Come Undone” arrives in the wake of Silverman’s return to South Africa after spending the past decade living in New York City. The ambient indie folk artist, whose music plays with the boundaries between pop, folk, and electonic music, sounds in prime form in her latest work as she deftly balances her own soothing, impassioned voice alongside moody synths, cutting bass, and driving percussion.

Jeri Silverman © Gavin Goodman

Jeri Silverman © Gavin Goodman

“‘Come Undone’ delves into the shadowy sides of our nature that we hide from the world and invites them out to play,” Silverman tells Atwood Magazine. “It became a true passion project to translate this song into image. The video is a meditation on our relationship with desire in a playful and sensual way. We combined our love of quirky beauty with a dark moody aesthetic to illustrate the concept of things not being exactly as they seem.” Together with her video co-star Shaun Oelf, Silverman depicts levels of vulnerability, submission, and more of the nuanced elements that go into our interpersonal relationships.

Ultimately, the “Come Undone” video is an intoxicating affair.

An intimate spark with an edge, “Come Undone” turns an individual encounter into a universally-relatable reflection on insecurity, longing, desire, hope, fear, and more: In many ways, we take out of it what we put into it – and is there any better form of art, than that which adapts to its audience?

Jeri Silverman properly spooked us, and we can’t wait to hear and see what she does next. Stay tuned for more from this thoughtful and engaging artist, and stream the “Come Undone” music video exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Come Undone” – Jeri Silverman

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Come Undone - Jeri Silverman

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