Today’s Song: Ella Collier Cautions Us to the Dangers of Being Controlled by Emotion in “Second Arrow”

Ella Collier © 2023
Ella Collier © 2023
Ella Collier’s daring and vivid offering “SECOND ARROW” reminds us to not be pierced by the deadly spear of self-slaughter.
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Stream: “SECOND ARROW” – Ella Collier

It can be a challenge to obtain a heightened level of self-awareness. Sometimes we bury things so deep in our psyche we do not even comprehend our destructive self-sabotage. Ella Collier’s third single “Second Arrow” details discovering that we are often the cause of our own demise. Her raw, impassioned vocals oozing above electro atmospheric sonic, helps deliver her narrative of unearthing enlightenment.

SECOND ARROW - Ella Collier
SECOND ARROW – Ella Collier
I gotta claim my impulses
Cards on the table with my sins
Crossed every line
Burned every bridge

Ella Collier crafts captivating pieces that combine pop, trap and EDM. The Atlanta bred, Los Angeles-based artist is a multi-dimensional force who writes, performs, and records masterful original music. Her releases focus on themes of love, loss, and self-reflection. The singer’s raw vulnerability allows others to gain a glimpse into her innermost feelings, and her latest work delivers that same intimacy in stunning fashion.

Blood on my hands
What’d I do now?
Is there time to turn this around?
But I’m spinnin’ out
Rabbit found, dead in the hole
I took the pill, bitter still
No where left to go
Ella Collier © 2023
Ella Collier © 2023

There is a famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that states, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Something said or done can be painful, but you can either choose to ruminate on it or let it go. The second option is much easier said then done, but that is where the second arrow analogy comes to play. The situation may sting, but the ache is only made worse by our reaction.

Oh! It’s just how my mind goes
Thought I hit my last low
But what took me down was the second arrow

Taking accountability can be a tough pill to swallow. Oftentimes we choose to blame others for our actions rather then look within ourselves. There are always going to be trying times in life. How you deal with those situations is up to you.

Ella Collier © 2023
Ella Collier © 2023

Within this haunting, industrial track, there is a hope that Ella Collier can learn to better manage the complexity of her emotions.

Lines like, “Maybe it’s time to make amends” and “Got to keep her on the straight and narrow” display her inner dialogue down a path to personal development. This, in turn, inspires others to also do the internal work towards recovery.

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Stream: “SECOND ARROW” – Ella Collier

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SECOND ARROW - Ella Collier

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