Premiere: Space Kamp’s Passionate Anthem “Home Grown” Is a Heartfelt, Upbeat Rebel Hippie Reflection

Space Kamp © 2020
Space Kamp © 2020
A passionate, feel-good anthem of perseverance and honoring your roots, Space Kamp’s “Home Grown” invites us to take stock of life with heartfelt lyrics, sweet melodies, and vibing grooves.
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No matter where we go, we forever home grown.

Wherever we are in life, eventually we need to take a quick pause and check in with ourselves – see where we are, what we’re up to, and how we feel about all that. Space Kamp’s latest single brings that pause to life with radiant sounds and effervescent energy: A passionate, feel-good anthem of perseverance and honoring your roots, “Home Grown” invites us to take stock of life with passionate lyrics, sweet melodies, and vibing grooves.

Electric Lemonade - Space Kamp
Electric Lemonade – Space Kamp
Redeye flight, eyes red
Feel like every night in another bed
No matter how far we go
Look up at the sky
see the same stars glow
OH oh oh oh
Everywhere we go
everywhere we go
Oh oh oh oh
Keep it home grown
we forever home grown

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Home Grown,” the latest single off Space Kamp’s sophomore album Electric Lemonade (out June 26, 2020 via RHM Records). Hailing from Philadelphia, Space Kamp is the duo of Oskee (son of Latin GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Cuco Valoy) and Adoo (formerly Adlib, a co-founder of the cannabis culture lifestyle brand and radio show Rebel Hippies along with Stoney J). The pair began making music in 2017 and haven’t looked back since, describing their outlet “with the goal to create whatever felt right and without limitations.” Produced by Juno Award winner Rob the Viking, Electric Lemonade arrives three long years after Space Kamp’s 2017 debut album Terpene Station – the record that introduced them and their singular psych-infused reggae x hip-hop sound.

Space Kamp have reached a new peak on their sophomore effort, tightening up their sound and honing in on their “styles” as they find a way to both embrace organic creativity, and churn out a finessed, cohesive experience. Preceded by the four singles “500 Miles,” “Girl Like You,” “Life’s a Beach,” and “In My Bag,” “Home Grown” and Electric Lemonade are a long time in the making – and there’s no better single that sets this album up for success.

The feel-good ‘life’s a beach’ anthem acknowledges how far the duo have come and where they’ve come from, while still finding time to soak in the moment and revel in their success. The song has the upbeat look and textural feel of classic Kanye West or B.o.B hits, and yet it’s unassuming and humble enough to feel unique and wholeheartedly original: It sounds like Space Kamp just being Space Kamp, which just so happens to share traits in common with other art we’ve previously known and loved.

Therein lies the magic of this special genre-defying duo: Space Kamp are a league of their own, and they look good doing it.

Sorry mama, it was not a phase
Just couldn’t slave for a begger’s wage
A thousand ways to make it through the maze
They gave us lemons, we made lemonade
This organic grown, we made it on our own
Got caught in traffic, made our own road
Forever homegrown, no matter where we go
Without strong roots, cant nothing grow
Been around the globe, repping PA
Pocket full of flowers, came from the bay
I’m with Stoney J
bout to burn it down
You don’t like our fire
then don’t come around

“We heard the music Rob made for ”Home Grown” and it just made us feel good,” Space Kamp tell Atwood Magazine. “It reminds you where you came from and people you love. When you’re on the road missing home, you gotta keep your roots and family close. No matter where we go, we forever home grown.”

Sweet keys and sweeter lyrics make “Home Grown” easy to fall for, and Oskee and Adoo’s smooth flows are the perfect vessel through which to experience such honest, loving reflection. The duo seem to own their place in 2020, coming out hot with a heightened self-awareness that refuses to let up or let go. Whereas Electric Lemonade will inspire us to fly and go where our hearts desire, this is the single we’ll be coming back to time and time again – a reminder of who we really are, what we’re made of, and above all, where we come from.

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Electric Lemonade - Space Kamp

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