Premiere: Seph Cove Finds Shelter in the Memory of Love with Debut Single “Falling”

Seph Cove © 2020
Seph Cove © 2020
An intense but bright reflection on love, Seph Cove’s debut single “Falling” is a stunning blend of down-to-earth escapism and hazy nostalgia – a peaceful haven amid the world’s turmoil. 
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Trying times tend to make us turn away from the present and indulge in often bittersweet acts of reminiscence: melancholia merges with longing as memories come to soothe the agonies of the day. This is certainly the case for Seph Cove’s debut single “Falling,” which Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering today.

Falling - Seph Cove
Falling – Seph Cove

Nostalgia is at the heart of this track, which pairs vague but visceral storytelling with a remarkably emotive soundscape. The Melbourne singer/songwriter weaves together the fragments of a narrative, letting the listener bring their own experience to the table and complete the blanks for themselves. The personal infuses with the universal as the music outlines the amorphous shape of a love story without a resolution.

I’ve wondered for the longest time If it’s just me
My thoughts are in overdrive
But then again, last night, can you explain that?
We sat outside, away from everyone else
So I could hear your voice, Confirmed I’m at a loss
Because now I’m falling,
But I shouldn’t be falling for you

“Falling” is at once full of fear and alive with the promise of passion and love. Layered, atmospheric vocals and soft strings build the familiar sonic universe of a balmy summer night spent under the stars, by the warmth of a campfire. Moments that seem somehow out of reality, as if the passage of time was magically suspended, new realms of possibility open up and all of us all feel powerful and invincible – until the illusion falls away with the dawn sunshine and we are all left behind, baffled by the sudden absence of that sensation of infinite freedom.

Seph Cove © 2020
Seph Cove © 2020

“Falling” is concerned with this very feeling of perplexity, especially when it mixes with romance. “This song represents a time of emotional confusion for me”, writes singer Ben Steiner, “I wasn’t sure how I felt, and I wasn’t sure how this other person felt, all I knew was that the chemistry was there.” Accordingly, the song targets the emotional domain, well beyond the realm of logic. The rational mind grapples with the heart, eventually surrendering its place but never clearing up the doubt surrounding the situation.

Why can’t you be honest,
with yourself for once,
every time it gets a little bit harder,
to decipher,
what it is you want,
please tell me, tell me.

The lingering sense of uncertainty is veiled by the song’s poignant warmth and the singer’s sincere vulnerability. Despite the aching lyrics, ‘Falling’ is not a grieving anthem, but a celebration of connection and tenderness. Evoking “the blissful naivety of a simple crush”, the song holds up the memory of lost intimacy not as an old and painful image, but a source of hope and security amid the chaos of the present. As such, it is a strikingly relevant as well as promising debut with its musical offering of refuge in an increasingly unstable world.

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Falling - Seph Cove

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