Premiere: TØMA Embrace the Moment in Bubbly “Book of Yesterday”

TØMA © Félix De Portu
TØMA © Félix De Portu
TØMA’s sugary synth-sweet single “Book of Yesterday” is a conscious embracing of the moment, an appeal to enjoying life and basking in warmth.

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You’re going to do a lot of stupid stuff in your life; stuff you’re not proud of, mistakes that won’t sit well. Regrets, you’ll have a few – as will everyone you know. Things will happen to you that you’re not happy with: Whether through actions or words, you will be rubbed the wrong way too many times to count.

But don’t let that get to you; don’t wallow in what you cannot change – the miscellanea you’ll surely forget a day, a week, a month from now. TØMA’s sugary synth-sweet single “Book of Yesterday” is a conscious embracing of the moment, an appeal to enjoying life and basking in warmth, rather than sulking in clouds.

Before we write the book of yesterday, let’s take a look
So much to talk about, nothing to say (think about it)
I could go on about how you’re not just an ordinary girl
Working around the clock, but you can’t wait to write your book
Listen: “Book of Yesterday” – TØMA
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Book of Yesterday - TØMA
Book of Yesterday – TØMA

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Book of Yesterday,” the debut single off TØMA’s upcoming EP. The Austin, Texas-based six-piece of singer/guitarist Henry Johnson, vocalist/keyboardist Waldo Wittenmyer, percussionist Jake Hiebert, Dillon Randolph and Stijn Dobbelaere, TØMA instill sincerity and meaning into their vibrant indie pop sound. “Book of Yesterday” is as lyrically fulfilling as it is musically rejuvenating, a spirited pop song bustling with light and energy in the face of sadness and melancholia.

Let’s hang up and stop the world from passing us by
They saw the news before they start to realize
Let’s wake up and float away for a while
Life has taken me by surprise

“The song reflects on the ‘book’ of thoughts that we write about the things we’ve done in the past, some that we are proud of, some that we are ashamed of,” TØMA  tell Atwood Magazine. “The overall message is to not dwell in the past, to enjoy the moment while you can, and also to reach out to those around you if you sense that they may be stuck in an unhappy place.”

TØMA © Félix De Portu
TØMA © Félix De Portu
I had just heard the news, that you picked out the color blue
Happy that I found out, before you choose
And the worst thing about it
Is it can’t be solved out of habit
Every action makes a difference, and we’re all here
To be lost without a clue

Sometimes a call to not giving up on life and sometimes an ode to the world’s sheer wonder, “Book of Yesterday” is an outspoken and intimate portrayal of our own fragility. We are not meant to last, but we can thrive while we’re here – as long as you truly believe, this world really can be filled with beauty; we can all find our own magical spark. Join TØMA and embrace life with “Book of Yesterday,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Book of Yesterday - TØMA

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