Premiere: Tadhg Daly Soars in Vulnerable Anthem “Hit the Ground”

Tadhg Daly - Hit The Ground 2019
Tadhg Daly conquers insecurity in his raw anthem “Hit the Ground,” a vivid unshackling of the self inspiring us to soar.
Stream: “Hit The Ground” – Tadhg Daly

Everyone fears failure – even more so when we start to make something of ourselves. What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m a shooting star, destined to fall? What if this is it? These questions plague the best of us: They are our demons as well as our motivation. Tadhg Daly conquers insecurity in his raw anthem “Hit the Ground,” a vivid unshackling of the self inspiring us to soar.

Hit The Gound - Tadhg Daly

Hit The Gound – Tadhg Daly

Somewhere out in the crowd
you found me looking down,
the ground moved underneath
I found silence in sound,
you told me look around
for yourself and…
Hold your breathe,
close your eyes
and feel alive
Fearless, leave
the chains behind

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Hit The Gound,” Tadhg Daly’s third single and his first release of 2019. An independent London-based singer/songwriter, Tadhg Daly emerged in late 2018 as a new but already well-developed voice. In premiering his debut single “Too Late,” Atwood Magazine lauded Daly’s immediate impact: “In a world where musicians will introduce themselves through songs that vanish from the internet a few years later, “Too Late” is a refreshingly full first offering. Its graceful energy and emotional resonance speak to an artist who has carefully thought about ideas such as legacy and impact; who knows a thing or two about the stories and emotions he wants to convey in his songs – even the unwritten ones.”

After following up his debut with the perseverant “Fires” in late December, Daly returns with an intimate personal anthem in “Hit the Ground” — a song of overcoming self-doubt and fears. Written with Eliot James, the track captures the musician stepping into the spotlight with a vulnerability that wasn’t as present on his first two offerings. This song is an intimate outpouring of the self, full of the raw insecurity that can paralyze us – stopping us in our tracks, and preventing us from reaching our full potential.


I’ll be dancing on my own,
running like there’s
no one there to watch me
if I hit the ground
I’ll be dancing on my own,
running like there’s
someone there to catch me
when I hit the ground
I’m ready to live now
Tadhg Daly

Tadhg Daly

“‘Hit the Ground’ is a really important song to me,” Daly tells Atwood Magazine. “It sort of represents what I consider to be my “re-birth” as a person as terribly cheesy as that sounds but I cant think of another way to put it. Its about letting go of the fear that stops us from pursuing what we love and from being the version of ourselves we dream of being.”

He continues, “I’ve always been lucky enough to have a loving family around me despite my own mistakes and shortcomings as I was growing up and one particular guiding voice that im grateful for has been my mum. I find a great deal of comfort in having my mum talk through situations with me that im troubled by and I suppose I kind of look to her as a bit of a spiritual guru/teacher in a lot of ways haha! I wanted to tap into that comfort with this song and write the lyrics in a way that sort of narrate a conversation between myself and my mum. Throughout the song (a good example being the first verse lyrics: “somewhere out in the crowd you found me looking down, the ground moved underneath. I found silence in sound you told me look around and hold your breathe, close your eyes and feel alive”) im kind of switching perspectives between my myself and my mum like we are having a conversation. I find a huge ammount of cathartics in playing this live and it’s like I always have a piece of that comfort with me when I play the song live.”

To celebrate his new single launch, Daly will be performing at Notting Hill Arts Club in London this Thursday, 14th March. A heartfelt, radiant song of personal triumph, “Hit the Ground” is Tadhg Daly’s victory. Stream it exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Hit The Ground” – Tadhg Daly

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Hit The Gound - Tadhg Daly

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