Today’s Song: I’m Invokes Nostalgia and Grooves With “Back Seat Memory”

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Combining elements of R&B, funk, and pop, “Back Seat Memory” is a catchy and laid-back single from the artist I’m.
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Listen: “Back Seat Memory” – I’m

For whatever reason, whether simply being driven around, spending a night out, or finding oneself in the back seat of a car often invokes moments of solitude, bouts of nostalgia, and, or, everything in between. To that note, I’m seems to be channeling a fair combination of all of the above on her most recent single, “Back Seat Memory.”

Back Seat Memory – I’m


Through a cursory Google translation, I’m’s “Back Seat Memory” feels like an introspective take on what the artist specifically, but perhaps the listener more generally, should want from and for themselves, and the composition and music video seem to suggest the same. Musically, the driving force of “Back Seat Memory” is a strong sense of rhythm thanks to the simple drum beat, backing claps, and subdued bass lines. By contrast, the guitars and synths provide valuable texture given their sleek and shimmery nature.

I want to have an unwavering spirit
I want to feel in silence
Every day becomes high again
The story of a movie I don’t know

As all of this adds up to a song that, in no short amount grooves, much of the track has a deeper tint to it, from its dark, jazzed-up piano, dramatic smashing glass, the single’s artwork, and to no lesser extent, the lyrics and video. Taking from the verse above, I’m seems to be looking for a fresh start; for things to feel new and for her spirit to feel renewed.

In all the ways that “Back Seat Memory” comes off as a jam, it is in as many ways a song about wanting to feel reinvigorated with a sense of something to look forward to. The music video would seem to corroborate such an idea with its charming and minimal animation sequences that depict two people who seem to slowly drift apart. Keeping with the minimal presentation, the animations make smart use of a simple, but effective color palette, repetitive images, and ends with an appropriately dramatic, and literal, gut-punch in the middle of a downtown intersection. “Back Seat Memory” has plenty of layers to it, all of which are enjoyable for many reasons.

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Listen: “Back Seat Memory” – I’m

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