Video Premiere: The Fontaines Want to Know “Who” You’re Gonna Love

Who are you gonna love when no one loves you?

We’ve all endured nights of loneliness that ultimately result in heavy binge-drinking and self-destruction. We spiral downward into a fit of fleeting euphoria induced by our own vices. We want to feel something, anything, so we find respite in temporary things.

The Fontaines, an LA-based group comprised of the siblings Fontaine (Hank and Charlotte), distinctly epitomize this feeling in their newest music video “Who,” which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today. The group’s unique indie New-Wop sound lends a sympathetic voice to a ubiquitous feeling, and the accompanying visual feels distantly familiar.

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Loneliness can consume us if we allow it. We can engage in activities that we know aren’t good for us, but damn if we won’t do them anyways. Sometimes, we need to let ourselves feel this way, and just let our inhibitions go free. The night can entice and enrapture us, and help us try to forget all of our problems.

Late nights out in the big city can feel simultaneously enthralling and exhausting; it can consume us in the best and worst ways. When we allow the night to take over, it will take over everything. In the video for “Who,” we find Charlotte Fontaine preparing for and subsequently embarking on a night out. We are taken along a narrative to which we can all relate; the story could be any one of our own.

Nights don’t feel so lonely, because you were never really here.

The Fontaines © 2017
The Fontaines © 2017

“Who” is punctuating by electrifying guitar riffs, a bouncy bass line, and Charlotte’s sirenic lilt, as the lyrics croon for a disingenuous love. The track is a biting eff-you to someone who never really cared at all, and an acknowledgement that none of it really mattered anyway.

Though engulfed by the thrills of Los Angeles nightlife, Charlotte is contrarily morose and stuck in her own head; she does not at all appear to be enjoying herself. The video starts and ends quietly at home, bookending the constant movement of the sights and sounds of the city. The video, too, ultimately goes in reverse: a reminder that the loneliness felt in the song’s lyrics is still ever-present.

The Fontaines and “Who” have summed up real human emotion in both the song and its video; it is an easily recognizable narrative that has affected us all at some basic level.

Watch the video for “Who” now, streaming exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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The Fontains 2017

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“Who” – The Fontaines

The Fontaines Figure Out Love in “ii.”

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The Fontaines © 2017
The Fontaines © 2017
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