Premiere: “Between Us,” The Fontaines Have Mastered the Art of Loveless Storytelling

The Fontaines © 2018
The Fontaines © 2018
The Fontaines’ “Between Us” is pervasive in its heartache and sentiments of words unspoken and actions undone.

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Atwood favorites The Fontaines know a thing or two about heartbreak. Their previous releases, ii EP and “Who,” both of which premiered on Atwood Magazine, perfectly typify sentiments of love, loss, and everything in between. They have mastered the art of loveless storytelling, taking their listeners with them through the storm. And the siblings’ newest single “Between Us,” which Atwood Magazine is proudly premiering today, continues with this theme.

Listen: “Between Us” – The Fontaines

Between Us” is categorically heart wrenching, telling a narrative of a missed connection; a simultaneously wistful and biting narrative that feels wholly familiar. The song focuses on the what-ifs, the has-beens, the never-was, annotating each feeling with raw, palpable energy. It is a strong sentiment, and one that feels evocatively personal.

“‘Between Us’ is about a connection where neither of you are gonna do anything about it, and nothing will come of it,” Charlotte says. “You write what you know, right?”

Between us,
I see you everywhere
it’s beneath us
but I still want you here
you never loved me
do I really care
too afraid to say goodbye

The track exposes the not-quite-a-relationship’s tiresome ways, with Charlotte Fontaine noting in the first verse,

I died with the light on
I was all alone
Always on my own
I was soft and sinking
Got harder every day
Pulled myself away

Later, she similarly states in verse two, “I’m bored by the blackouts / go for days and days / when I pull down the shades / you don’t ask if I’m okay.” Throughout the song, tangible yearning is felt, toeing the line between caring too much and not caring whatsoever—a typical missed connection sentiment.

“Between Us” harkens back to the bluesy, neo-alt sounds that the world fell in love with with bands like No Doubt, or even The Cranberries during the late-90s. The song’s instrumentation reflects the vocals’ forlorn longing, incorporating Hank Fontaine’s funk-laden guitar riffs with his sister Charlotte’s ever-enchanting lilt. “Between Us” delineates pent-up feelings, taking ahold of its listener through the narrative.

The siblings Fontaine have exemplified gut-wrenching relational honesty through their musical craft, honing I’m on ubiquitous emotion and explicating universal themes. “Between Us” floats seamlessly through tormented sadness and wistful nostalgia; it is pervasive in its heartache and sentiments of words unspoken and actions undone. They have effortlessly mastered the craft of ballad-making, in turn flipping the switch on this notion all together.

Stream “Between Us” now, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Catch The Fontaines at SXSW and on High School Nation’s Spring Tour, both in March.

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Between Us” – The Fontaines

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