Interview: IYVES Champions Love and Feels Like “Gold”

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On “Gold,” IYVES fixates on finding love that one deserves, and lauds it wholeheartedly.
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When Atwood Magazine was first introduced to New York City’s IYVES in March of 2018, it felt instantly tangible that there was something special. IYVES, the stage moniker for Hannah Taxman, instantly dazzled with her illustrious vocal prowess and knack for empowering lyricism. And still, there remains an impressive charisma with IYVES and her music that is hard to ignore.

You hold me captive with the words you speak…” croons IYVES on her latest single, “Gold.” Art imitates life here: “Gold” captivates its listener from the very start. IYVES is masterfully enrapturing as always, and “Gold” surely shines bright.

IYVES - "Gold" Single Art
IYVES – “Gold” Single Art

“Gold” offers an intriguing glance at euphoric love, as IYVES states that she was “caught up in the silver,” before being introduced to this newfound love that has her “feeling like gold.” As IYVES explains, “Gold” is about “finding someone that treats you better than you’ve ever experienced.” This does not necessarily need to imply romantic love, however, but rather this message can champion positive appreciation in a broader sense. “Gold” is a magnetic love story, but who’s to say that love can’t be with oneself?

Something in the symmetry
I’m plagued by your mystery

IYVES consistently includes themes of self-love within her music, and “Gold” could similarly be considered as such. Though its lyricism focuses primarily on a supposed new partner, toward whom IYVES is directing the song, one could also interpret it as feeling prideful and loving of oneself. There’s nothing wrong with feeling like a badass—and especially, there is nothing wrong with celebrating one’s badassery.

“Gold” fixates on finding love that one deserves, and lauds it wholeheartedly. IYVES gives us all the opportunity to be proud of our successes, because she is so admirably shameless in promoting her own. Atwood Magazine also chatted briefly with IYVES about the song and what it signifies, her career path, and the overall messages to be taken away from her music.

IYVES © Lissyelle Laricchia


Atwood Magazine: Atwood last featured IYVES in March 2018. What has changed and/transpired over the past year for you?

IYVES: I can’t believe it’s been a year! Over this past year I’ve shared music that dated back to at least 5 years old (if not a little more) to more current writing and content. So, I’ve shared a lot of my stories and life experiences from a span of time in one year! So, to answer your question, I feel like a lot has changed and transpired. I finally have gotten to focus on writing new material and focus on more current events within my life and in general just be more present in the world around me. It’s truly such a weight lifted off my shoulders! I feel like the material I am making is stronger and more realized.

“Gold” is very much in line with IYVES’ iconic sound, especially lyrically. Do you purposely try to continually incorporate themes of growth - and particularly positive growth - in your songs?

IYVES: I do hold that mindset and theme very close to my heart and everyday life — so that makes sense that it’s infused into my lyrics and overall messages in my songs.

“Gold” champions the power of love, specifically love in its purest, most positive sense. What advice would you have for someone who might be struggling to find this type of love?

IYVES: “Gold” is absolutely a song of love and euphoria — but this sort of love and “newfound” love can be discovered in so many ways and places, whether it is with a loved one, a personal triumph, or most importantly within yourself. I think we can all find ways to find deeper more pure love within most all things and that mostly comes from untainted and uninhibited honesty and truth.

How do you feel “Gold” best represents you as a person and an artist?

IYVES: “Gold” was such a fun song to write and record. I love music that has intimate, sensual vocals as well as big powerful stacked gospel vocals and I feel like I truly got to incorporate both within this song. I am a sucker for anthemic, cinematic music and I think “Gold” is just that.

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Are there any specific musical inspirations you drew from with this song?

IYVES: Absolutely, I’m always drawing from inspiration in my creative process. While making this song I really wanted to write something with powerhouse vocals. LP’s “Muddy Waters” big layered vocal in the chorus was an inspiration. “Gold” was the first song I wrote with collaborators, Mori Einsidler and Lucas Hass — it was one of those moments where we didn’t go into it with much expectation and came out of it with a (what we feel) is a very special song. We have continued to collaborate and there are more songs I’m very excited to share.

What message would you like people to take away from this song?

IYVES: I guess the main thing I’d like for people to take away from this song is, never settle. If you feel like you aren’t receiving or giving the best possible love, then check in with yourself and ask why? The lyric in the song “was caught up in the silver now you’re giving me Gold” is a reminder that yeah, we can all get caught up and bogged down with things that aren’t necessarily as good as we deserve or want but to live for those “golden” moments when life shows up and reminds you “oh yeah it really can be this good”.

What is next in the evolution of IYVES?

IYVES: I have so many plans and exciting goals for this year. I plan on performing WAY more than I recently have been. My release show was a nice reminder that I do really love performing!  I really want to get back to the stage and share my music in real time. I want to engage with my listeners and share those moments with others. I also, have a bunch of new music I cannot wait to share with all of you.

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IYVES - "Gold" Single Art

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