Today’s Song: Goss Trades Love for Anger in “Time”

Time - Goss
Time - Goss

Love isn’t always kind. At times, it leaves us perplexed, filling our minds with thoughts of dejection and sullen “what ifs.” Other times, we cast away love ourselves, replacing admiration with frustration as a means to cope with the pain. Such is the story set in “Time,” the newest single from Danish producer/singer Goss. The latest of three singles released since late June of 2016, Goss’ “Time” is a beautiful fusion of electro pop and R&B, reminiscent of sounds from the artist’s Danish counterparts MØ and CHINAH.

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The song opens with a simple piano chord, soon overlapped by wonky synthesizers that set mood for the duration of the record. Slow and unsteady, the melody cradles feelings of unrest and heartbreak, all while inviting the listeners to dance alongside the sweltering bass line. Though the production itself stands alone as a testament of Goss’ innate skill, it acts as the perfect compliment for his crystal clear vocals that echo his heartbreak.

The love you gave me, I gave it to my friend
And now you’ll never get anything back again
You’re going out more, I’m staying indoors
I don’t know what exactly I’m waiting for

Goss relays his mixed feelings towards a lover, as he tries to come to terms with loss by replacing feelings of melancholy with spiteful actions. Unable to gain acceptance from the loss as effortlessly as his love is, Goss fires frustrating words of rejection, while admitting he hasn’t had the time to move on.

The love you gave me, I didn’t take it in
Cause if I had been, it wouldn’t be out again
At the end of me, there’s a parking lot
Towing all the shit that you say I got
Time - Goss
Time – Goss

Goss continues to seemingly brush off his pain, all while unable to move forward from the paralyzing discontent.

Despite increasingly tense lyrics, Goss’ vocals remain velvety soft against the electrifying beat. But his solo soon becomes a duet, paired with the rich, raspy vocals of counterpart, Vera. Despite having no lyrics of her own, Vera’s auto tuned cries alongside Goss’s own glassy pitches add to the despair, all while remaining the sultriest element of the song’s fabrication. Vera is able to play with her own range as both a compliment to the lead’s voice, as well as a highlight of Goss’s masterful production.

The beat continues to swelter throughout the track, as percussion becomes a key element in the progression of the song’s tone. As snares and bells are slowly introduced, the listener follows the story of Goss’s race with time, as he desperately attempts to speed his healing with frustration.

Give it time time time time time time
Hope you find find find find find
Cause in my mind mind mind mind mind
Just give it time time time time time

“Time” is a modern love story, filled with grievances and a desperate desire to move forward from pain. Goss carefully crafts the track as a slowly progressing, indie-electronic record that becomes the perfect cradle for his vocals.

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