Today’s Song: The Marías Explore Intoxicating Detachment in “No One Noticed”

The Marías © Ashley Olah
The Marías © Ashley Olah
The Marías explore the complexities of unrequited love in their intensely vulnerable and enchanting melancholy daydream “No One Noticed,” taken off their recently-released sophomore album, ‘Submarine.’
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The Marías prepared fans for the release of their second album, Submarine, with their signature heartbreaking lyricism and lead singer Maria Zardoya’s enchanting vocals on the track “No One Noticed.” The song paints a picture of a relationship with an undeniably distant partner, Zardoya reconciling with the restlessness and mental unease that comes with having a lover so fleeting.

Submarine - The Marias
Submarine, The Marías’ sophomore album
Maybe I
Lost my mind
No one noticed
No one noticed
It’s getting old (I’d kinda like if you’d call me)
All alone (‘cause I’m so over bein’ lonely)
May have lost it (I need a virtual connection)
I have lost it (be my video obsession)

Zardoya opens the song with raw honesty on the psychological turmoil this romance has thrust her into, not only feeling invisible to her partner, but to the rest of those around her. Everyone is seemingly unaware of the half-functioning state this connection has left her in. Gently layered in backing vocals are lyrics that echo Zardoya’s thoughts, ones she wishes to openly express but will keep in the confines of her mind in an attempt to match her partner’s evasiveness.

No one tried
To read my eyes
No one but you
Wish it were true
The Marías © Ashley Olah
The Marías © Ashley Olah

Harping on the loneliness that comes with being unnoticed at your worst, Zardoya’s disillusioned sentiments are on full display here.

She endeavors to convince herself that this person, out of everyone, saw her, a desperate attempt to justify why she feels so deeply connected to someone who not only cannot see her suffering, but doesn’t understand their part in it.

Come on, don’t leave me, it can’t be that easy, babe
If you believe me, I guess I’ll get on a plane
Fly to your city, excited to see your face
Hold me, console me, and then I’ll leave without a trace

Zardoya pleading for her lover to stay while simultaneously trying to match their detached nature cements this track’s perspective of someone who is being guided by their reckless heart. Juxtaposing the spontaneity of flying to your lover’s city with “I guess” helps listeners to grasp the composition of this relationship. Being nonchalant with her actions may be the very thing that (or so this love-struck Zardoya believes) gets her partner reignited and committed.

She will fly to their city, do all the things that people in love will do, and then leave without so much as a goodbye, not a text, a note, nothing. That is the treatment Zardoya has been subject to, so why not provide the same to her partner if traditional intimacy cannot hold them down?

The Marías © Ashley Olah
The Marías © Ashley Olah

Released on May 3rd, 2024, “No One Noticed” felt like the first chapter to The Marías new era, carrying pieces from their EPs Super Clean Vol. I, Super Clean Volume II, and their debut album, Cinema, all while layering in new types of sounds and concepts. The Marías seem keenly devoted to displaying every side of love, showing their cult following that there is no shortage of possibilities and outcomes when two people’s hearts are tied together.

The Marías’ sophomore album, Submarine, was released on May 31st and is available on all music streaming services.

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Stream: “No One Noticed” – The Marías

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Submarine - The Marias

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