Premiere: Raise a Glass with Tenderfoot’s “She Calls,” an Ode to Good Times

Tenderfoot’s spirited power ballad “She Calls” is an ode to the good times, a toast to the moments that last a whole lifetime.

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Now we’ve begun, and my heart’s in the sun

There are certain special moments that you’ll remember all your life. We all have them: Memories with close friends or family, the loved ones who matter most and bring out the very best in us. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, we wake up in the middle of these moments, like a lucid dream, and we realize just how magical life really is. Tenderfoot’s heartfelt new single “She Calls” is an ode to the good times, a toast to the moments we’ll never forget.

She calls in the morning when I’m almost awake
Leads me down a path so it’s my choice to make
I turn to go I’m afraid of the daylight
She takes my hand and says “it’s alright, it’s alright”
She pulls when I push as she leads the way
Dragging me into another place
She looks at me in a different way
And suddenly I don’t feel the same
Listen: “She Calls” – Tenderfoot

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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “She Calls,” the second single off Tenderfoot’s debut album To Be Young (out June 1, 2018). Not to be confused with the American band of the same name, Australia’s Tenderfoot currently consists of John Vella (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Joel Burton (Bass, Backing Vocals), Anthony Donlon (Keys, Backing Vocals), and Rick Austin (drums). Introducing themselves with 2016’s aptly-titled debut EP Beginnings, Tenderfoot offer a hearty folk rock sound that combines the intimate warmth of the singer/songwriter arena with the electric passion of modern indie rock. Think Coldplay’s first two albums Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head, had the band been a little livelier and in better spirits.

She Calls - Tenderfoot
She Calls – Tenderfoot
The love that you gave,
yeah it made me change
I used to be old and prefer the cold
Now we’ve begun,
and my heart’s in the sun

I’m starting to feel young

Ah, to be young and reckless. Why does our youth have to be fleeting? Why can’t we hold onto that essence all our lives? After debuting To Be Young‘s emotive lead single “The Balance” in October 2017, Tenderfoot have finally made their 2018 return today (May 11, 2018) with “She Calls,” a spirited and anthemic power ballad celebrating our glory days – or rather, reveling in them. The song finds vocalist John Vella singing in the moment, open-eyed and aware that he’s currently living out something very special. When we finally reach the chorus, Tenderfoot have fully embraced life’s splendor and are ready to bring everyone else in on the fun:

To the years
To the hearts
To the nights
Of our lives
We ran until the morning light
To the love
That you feel
To the hearts that’ll heal
Keep burning till you’re burning bright

To the years, to the hearts, to the nights of our lives.” This song is a summer smash waiting to happen, a genuinely catchy and cathartic blaze of cheer. “We wanted to write a song that you can raise a glass to,” Tenderfoot’s John Vella tells Atwood Magazine. “In essence, it’s a celebration of a time where there were regrets, but it was so much fun. In the context of life it’s a very loved time. One that you would love to get the change to live again. But we can’t, so we might as well remember it fondly!”


Written and directed by DAVROS, Tenderfoot’s “She Calls” music video gives us a day in the life from two perspectives. A charming first-person view through someone else’s eyes, “She Calls” runs through a series of fond memories from the perspective of two young bucks looking for mutual connection. Flashback by flashback, we experience a time full of friendship and laughs, music and dance, love and togetherness. DAVROS describes “She Calls” fittingly as “a nod to the halcyon days,” and we couldn’t agree more; he goes on to explain his video as “a first person view into the sliding doors of youth, told through the eyes of two people trying to share a moment in the grip of spontaneity.”

She calls in the evening when I’ve almost escaped
Helps me realise that it’s my choice to make
I turn to stay before I’ve relived the highlights
I take her hand and say “it’s alright, it’s alright”
The love that you gave yeah it made me change
I used to be old and prefer the cold
Now we’ve begun and my hearts in the sun
I’m starting to feel young

Cheers to the good times; may we have more of them every year. “She Calls” is the kind of shout-out-loud feelgood song we’ll be blasting all year long, an invitation to open our eyes and our hearts, and never take a day for granted. Join Tenderfoot’s indulgence in the good life, and stay tuned for more from this very promising Sydney band: Tenderfoot’s debut album To Be Young comes out in less than a month, and we can’t wait to hear the full thing!

For now, stream “She Calls” to your hearts desire, exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Watch: “She Calls” – Tenderfoot

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She Calls - Tenderfoot

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