Today’s Song: “Turn” Perfectly Captures The Wombats’ Witty Lyricism

Turn - The Wombats
Turn - The Wombats
“Turn” captures The Wombats’ witty lyricism in a chilling, vibrant new song centered on the indecision of relationships.

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The Wombats made a triumphant return last year with “Lemon to a Knife Fight,” and have since released “Turn,” the second promotional single off their upcoming fourth studio album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (out February 9, 2018 via Bright Antenna Records). A chilling, vibrant track that encompasses the indecision of a relationship, “Turn” proves an exciting bookmark in The Wombats’ current chapter.

I want to get college girl drunk tonight,
No morning fears, no mountains to climb,
They say the best memories are the ones that we forget,
Like listening to Drake at your best friend’s swimming pool,
Floating anti-clockwise in a red mushroom,
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While the production on “Turn” seamlessly blends guitar riffs, with lead singer Matthew Murphy’s vocals – it’s the lyrics that stand out here. The irony of “giving an aspirin the headache of it’s life”, is a perfect metaphor for the difficulties of a relationship. However, the lyrics of “Turn” can be sentimental, and often heartfelt. “I like the way you turn me inside and out” offers a contrasting perspective on the turmoil, inferring that arguing is a catalyst for passion.

Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life - The Wombats album art
Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
I jump from thought to though like a flea jumps to a light,
You could give an aspirin the headache of it’s life,
Maybe it’s the crazy that I’d miss,
Watering plastic plants in the hope that they’ll grow,
Seeing a message flash and then smashing up my phone

Murphy’s confident vocals tie these opposing themes together, by switching from his usual tone, to high pitched riffs. He sells the lyrics with a charismatic performance, and his charming, raspy voice places the words at the forefront of this unassuming love song.  Meanwhile, the beat and instruments remain subtle throughout each verse, and are then replaced with a thunderous guitar during the chorus, that works in tandem with Murphy’s singing.

Baby, it’s the crazy I like,
I think I saw the world turn in your eyes,
Baby, it’s the crazy I like,
And maybe it’s the bullshit I’d miss,
Screaming at the moon in black lipstick

The Wombats' Triumphant Return “Lemon to a Knife Fight”

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The Wombats’ latest single isn’t as memorable or innovative as “Lemon to a Knife Fight,” but it’s rife with the cornerstones of their music; inspired lyrics, strong vocals, and understated production. It’s romantic and poetic without falling into the stereotypes and cliches that haunt countless other love songs, and a must for any fans of The Wombats.

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Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life - The Wombats album art

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