Indie-Soul Artist Rex & The Rhythm’s Mesmerizingly Mellow “Umbrella” Is a Sanctuary of Sound

Rex and the Rhythm © LOUD 87
Rex and the Rhythm © LOUD 87
Barbados-born, Los Angeles-based Rex & The Rhythm stunningly displays a hurting heart with an effortless gentle elegance on new single “Umbrella.”
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Ever dress for a warm sunny day, only to get hit with unexpected cloud cover and rain?

Sometimes in life everything can change in an instant. What you thought of as security and warmth is now as chilly as an icy thunderstorm. Barbados-bred multi-instrumentalist, producer, and artist Rex & The Rhythm came prepared for a bright sunny forecast only to be drenched by the deepest of downpours.

Umbrella,” his second single of the year, details a relationship’s sudden, unexpected demise when everything appeared to be sunshine and roses. This melodic track glistening like raindrops reminds us to always have a cover on hand just in case. His sweet, soulful tone sweeps over serene soundscapes to create the ideal laid-back piece. It is calming, yet also soaked in intense heartache and the juxtaposition is intoxicating.

Umbrella - Rex & The Rhythm
Umbrella – Rex & The Rhythm

Los Angeles-based Rex & The Rhythm kicked off his career as a member of the Caribbean pop group Cover Drive. Opening for heavy hitters in the industry such as Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Lauryn Hill he has experienced vast success. With his high caliber craft, it is no wonder he has come this far: That skill was cultivated young, surrounding himself with immense talent. As a kid he hung around the music studio of international superstar, Eddy Grant, on his historic plantation in Barbados. Independently released March 22, “Umbrella” is a testament to Rex’s gift that never stops flourishing.

Being from an east Caribbean island, he mastered the art of the breezy beach sound. “Umbrella” is that exact soothing serenade: That sonic atmosphere prompts listeners to stay cool and collected in even the choppiest of waters. Whatever is thrown our way, we can withstand it all. His direct lyricism is exactly the breath of fresh air we need. It is not often we hear something so candid. That bold honesty makes Rex & The Rhythm a highly respected project and this single is another to be praised.

Rex and the Rhythm © LOUD 87
Rex and the Rhythm © LOUD 87

The music video is equally hypnotic narrating a highly compelling tale: Opening with Rex exiting a Bentley, the visual encapsulates the lush feeling the song evokes. In a nice home with a huge chandelier the couple bicker back and forth. That image illustrates an outwardly perfect situation… perfect house, fancy car, but under the surface things are not always how they seem. The offering’s dim lighting pairs seamlessly with the release’s cozy quality.

Rex & The Rhythm’s music is like a comforting hug. It is quite fitting to title the single “Umbrella”: Just as an umbrella shelters us from the rain, his tracks deliver a welcoming sanctuary of sound.

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Stream: “Umbrella” – Rex & The Rhythm

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