Artist to Watch: Weird Milk Distinguish Themselves as One of UK’s Finest with “Time Machine”

Weird Milk
Weird Milk
Weird Milk has been providing 2019 with some of its finest music, and “Time Machine” is further proof of the band doing just that.
“Time Machine” – Weird Milk

It wasn’t too long ago that Atwood Magazine spoke to the London-based band Weird Milk about how they approach their music, the influences they channel, and what fans can expect from them in the future. We weren’t expecting to be charmed so soon, though, and their latest single “Time Machine” is an outpour of euphoric musicality that no other artist achieves, due in part to the band’s signature ‘60s rock sound. They’re creating something new, and with their recent signing to Big Indie, they will surely only get bigger and better with each new successive track.

The band began their musical ventures two years ago in 2017, releasing their debut song “This Close” early in the year. Since then, new singles have been spaced apart, but this only means it’ll be an easy feat for listeners to indulge themselves in the band’s discography up to this point. What started as Beach Boy vibes have since morphed into something unique. While still retaining those classic rock tendencies, the band pushes it further with more bombastic instrumentation, slicker melodies, and vocal performance that will have fans on their feet dancing and moving for hours on end. All of these qualities and more make their way on to “Time Machine,” making this track a perfect anthem to begin closing out the year with a triumphant bang.

The track doesn’t waste any time in getting the attention of listeners. “Oh, now I realize,” they bellow as shimmering guitar riffs begin to enter along with piano keystrokes in the background, adding an additional layer to lose oneself to. Animated percussion keeps a persistent rhythm that, when joined with vocals, guitar, and piano, forms a gorgeous and enthralling onrush of musical soundscapes that one would be hard-pressed not to be left speechless by. Toward the track’s end, things begin to slow down, gently bringing back down all the listeners who left to explore the dreamscapes created by the track. With one last croon of “I wanna take it back” and guitar lick, the song comes to a close. Though, hitting “repeat” will surely happen immediately after.

A Beautiful Marriage of Vintage and Modern: A Conversation with Weird Milk


Experiences like the one “Time Machine” provide aren’t a rarity for the band — each of their releases all providing pulse-pounding soundscapes that elicit feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and rhapsodic dance hall anthems, and 2019 proved to be the year for them to be hailed as a top-rising musical act. However, the band isn’t one to take all the glory for themselves.

Atwood Magazine spoke to the band about their favorite acts of the past year, and to give them all the proper attention, they created a playlist that all listeners can press “play” on and experience the joy Weird Milk has been enjoying thus far. Give it a listen below!

If there is an artist that has proved themselves worthy of a following, it’s Weird Milk. With only three singles this year, they’ve managed to make their presence last for the entirety of it, crafting tracks that only get better with each new listen. “Time Machine” possessed all of the qualities to be one of those songs, a song that will take listeners through the rest of the year with smiles aplenty. 2019 has truly shone a light on Weird Milk’s talent, and with an appearance at SXSW slated for 2020, they are certainly taking full advantage of the notoriety they garnered this past year, providing them with a platform to make 2020 their grandest yet.

“Time Machine” – Weird Milk

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