Watts’ Weekend Picks: Chromeo, Frenship & More for Your Lifestyle

Watts' Weekend Picks 2018-02-09

Atwood Magazine is excited to announce our newest column, Watts’ Weekend Picks, a weekly playlist of songs curated to fit your weekend lifestyle. Whether you’re getting ready to go out, driving on a long road trip, or cleaning your home, there’s a song for you. In his latest column, Watts picks tunes from Chromeo, Frenship, Justin Timberlake, and more. From turning up to hitting the gym, there’s always a record for you!

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:: Morning Vibes ::

Bedroom Calling (ft. The-Dream) – Chromeo

Bedroom Calling - Chromeo

I’m not exactly Howie Mandel, but I do have an OCD when it comes to personal hygiene. Weekend morning showers are always a treat because there is never a rush to get in and get out. This is when I hook my phone up to my shower speaker and really take my time in a hot, steamy shower. If you’re like me and love to dance in the shower then you’ll really love getting down to Chromeo’s new song with The-Dream, called, “Bedroom Calling.”

In classic Chromeo fashion, the record is filled with bright, infectious, funky melodies and rhythms. An interesting collaboration as The-Dream has not really released anything lately, “Bedroom Calling” is a flawlessly executed lifestyle tune. Futuristic sounds in a disco setting, simple and effective guitar riffs, and spaced out production really give this song the edge it needs to fare well in today’s short-attention, music-consuming age. The-Dream sings almost the whole song as Chromeo jams out behind the vocals. They come together for the final 45 seconds of the song and turn it into a party anthem. Connect your phone to your Bluetooth shower speaker and get your two step on in the comfort of your own shower. Be careful not to slip!

:: Gym Flow ::

Top of the World (ft. Mitchell Rose) – Landis

Top of the World - Landis

I’ve been focusing on rap music for the gym in my last few weekend picks. I honestly switch off between electronic music and hip-hop when I’m working out. A general rule of thumb for me is I’ll listen to electronic for cardio and hip-hop for weights and power. Finding electronic music could be harder than rap for most people because there are just so many producers and DJs out there making banging EDM tunes. Well look no further for your next electronic gym song; Landis’ new record, “Top of the World,” with vocals from Mitchell Rose, is your new staple for your workout playlists.

The best part about “Top of the World” from Landis and Mitchell Rose is that Rose is an indie singer from Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, you read that right. A Nashville-based singer hopped on an electronic banger with a producer from Miami, Florida. Landis, who I used to spin remixes of back when I DJed a few years ago, has been dropping perfect dance music songs for a while now. His production style is basic but his tones, techniques, and synthesizers all work in unison to create an uplifting, energetic, and fun soundtrack. “Top of the World” is a great song for every occasion as Rose gives the tune some excellent, passionate vocals. Give it a shot and hit play the next time you’re about to get on that elliptical or treadmill!

:: Windows Down ::

The Tide – Pale Waves

The Tide - Pale Waves

Hey, here’s something that’s cool that you may not have known about me – I grew up listening to a ton of indie and alternative pop/rock music. Phoenix, Motion City Soundtrack, Passion Pit, and MGMT are just a few that I played on repeat during my middle and high school years. There’s something so comforting to me about putting my windows down and jamming out to great pop/rock artists. The Manchester-based band, Pale Waves’ new song, “The Tide” is an ode to the simpler days and an excellent driving tune.

In the first 5 seconds of the song, Pale Waves combines an indie guitar riff with pop percussion and a backdrop synthesizer that gives it a dreamy, cloudy vibe. When the vocals kick in at the 15 second mark, the relatable lyrics capture the listeners’ attention and draw them in. The chorus is a beautiful breakdown of all the elements of the song – the drums, guitar, synths, and layers of vocals. A real catchy hook, I plan on adding this song to all of my driving playlists. Now it’s your turn – roll those windows down and give it a good, thorough listen.

:: Pre-Game ::

Montana – Justin Timberlake

Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake

I’ve been texted, DMed, Snapchatted, and emailed this past week about Timberlake’s new album, Man of the Woods. After giving it a few listens from front to back, I really struggled with finding songs that I could enjoy from start to finish. Not to throw JT under the bus because I give him hella credit for doing something different, I just had a tough time getting through it. However, I did find my new all-around favorite song! “Montana” is a classic Justin Timberlake record, made for small parties and pre-games.

The funny thing about my story with this song is that I was really pushing myself to listen to the entire album but literally yelled, “OHHH” when the beat dropped in “Montana.” Produced by the legendary Pharrell and The Neptunes, this song is simply a hit. I know it’s a hit because I listened to it 20 times in a row and never got sick of it. A catchy bass line, consistent drum line, and flawless hook-writing from JT all make “Montana” a true pre-game anthem. Not only is this song going to be syndicated on TV shows and commercials around the world, it will most likely be the radio single from the album. That means it will be familiar enough for you to play at your pre-game this weekend!

:: Lituation ::

Picture Me Rollin – MadeinTYO

Picture Me Rollin - MadeinTYO

I’m still not a huge fan of the soundcloud-style trap rap that has taken the music industry over in the past year. I find a lot of the lyrics to be hollow and the instrumentals to be recycled. I say all this and then hear a new song that breaks this mold completely. MadeinTYO’s new record, “Picture Me Rollin” had me bopping my head so hard, I swear I thought it was going to fall off. Thus, it met and exceeded the criteria for a song I’d recommend for a “lituation.”

The instrumental is centered around a dark electric piano riff and adds a trap percussion pattern to a full bass kick drum to form a great landscape for a 2018 rap song. MadeinTYO, who got his name from naturally hailing from Tokyo, Japan, is an upcoming rapper who is dripping in the same culture that has embraced rappers of his kind since 2016. The rebellious, marijuana-focused, dark, yet fun nature of his vocal style lays well with the trap beat and creates the exact vibe you want when it hits 2am and people are searching for a song to dance to.

:: Staying In ::

Era (ft. Dave East) – PRhyme

Era - PRhyme

I’m a real introvert. I genuinely would rather sit around and listen to music with friends in an apartment than go out to a club. Growing up, I was always that kid showing off his music knowledge to all his friends and colleagues. Maybe I was a bit annoying now that I think about it, but regardless – I have always been obsessed with blasting and dissecting music with friends. I can remember sitting down and saying, “Yo you need to hear this!” Then, I’d play the song and wait for my friends’ reactions; I lived for that moment and I still do. PRhyme’s new song, “Era” with Dave East is the perfect example of a record I would play for anyone who asked me about new music.

Combining a minimalistic beat, record scratches from the infamous DJ Premier, and extremely political lyrics from Royce Da 5’9”, “Era” is a true gem of a rap song. Sonically, it screams 2002 but lyrically, it could not be more relevant. Speaking about the racial tensions of 2018, NY’s own, Dave East, and Detroit’s own, Royce Da 5’9”, crush the DJ Premier production. It’s a timeless tune and one that I highly suggest you throw on repeat and focus on this weekend. Show your friends and talk about it; this may just be the most wholesome, honest rap song of 2018 already.

:: Deep Clean ::

The Shadow – Millie Turner

The Shadow - Millie Turner

I really appreciate it when I hear an amazing song that was written by an unknown artist with a small following. I love it even more when the song has success and is covered by major music blogs and publications. Millie Turner is 17 years old and hails from London, England. Her new tune, “The Shadow” is nothing short of a certified bop.

It’s honestly so hard to describe this song’s audio qualities. It’s like if Lady Gaga and Lily Allen morphed together and dressed up in a Daft Punk costume. Turner’s vocal inflection and confident, ruthless demeanor meshes with the futuristic beat and bass line to form a catchy, attitude-filled song perfect for cleaning or doing chores to. Like if there was one song that could make scrubbing a shower feel not as depressing, it would 100% be “The Shadow” by Millie Turner.

:: Sunday Scaries ::


LOVE Somebody - Frenship

This is going to sound bizarre but have you ever heard a song and thought to yourself, ‘damn…this is a flawless song’? That’s how I felt when I heard FRENSHIP’s newest single, “LOVE Somebody.” It has been curing my anxiety all week long and now it’s my selection for the ideal remedy for your Sunday scaries.

Riding strong after their last radio smash, “Capsize,” the LA-based pop duo, FRENSHIP, just showed the world that they are here to stay. “LOVE Somebody” is a pop/reggae record that is focused on the journey of love, rather than the pure emotion of it. Meshing melodic styles from OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons, FRENSHIP drives down a road of their own and makes “LOVE Somebody” a clear cut hit for radio stations across the world. It’s been stuck in my head all week and I’m honestly so excited to share it with you. Press play this Sunday as you consider the obstacles and opportunities laying in the week ahead. You got this. Spread love.

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Watts' Weekend Picks 2018-02-09

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