Album Premiere: Young Mister’s ‘Sudden Swoon’ Is a Radiant American Opus

Young Mister © Steven Fiore
Young Mister © Steven Fiore
Young Mister unleashes a tantalizing modern American classic in his new album Sudden Swoon, a radiant blend of folk, pop, and rock glowing with humbling sincerity.
Stream: ‘Sudden Swoon’ – Young Mister
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The face of America is changing, and with it comes a new generation of artists redefining what it means to be “American music.” From Billie Eilish to Lil Nas X, millennial and gen z artists are breaking down barriers and boundaries left and right. Meanwhile, the rock, folk, and pop worlds continue to foster a wealth of incredible talent.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Rock music never died; it just got a facelift.

North Carolina’s Young Mister is one of the many acts building upon the warm rock and folk sounds we continue to cherish from the ’60s and ’70s. The musical project for singer/songwriter Steven Fiore unleashes a tantalizing modern American classic in his new album Sudden Swoon, a radiant blend of folk, pop, and rock glowing with humbling sincerity.

Sudden Swoon - Young Mister
Sudden Swoon – Young Mister
I don’t wanna leave you but I feel like
The stars are saying I should
On and off and I really can’t remember
The last time that this felt good
Even if I ever found the courage to go,
You would pull me right back
I’m hooked on this American feeling
That I deserve more than I have
A dream and a curse in the worst way
The bleeding heart of
my selfish thinking, but…
Ooh what if I… Ooh what if I…
Ooh what if I need you
when you’re out of reasons

To believe I was ever worth your time

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Young Mister’s new album Sudden Swoon, out September 13, 2019 via Refresh Records. A rollicking record full of light, personal reckonings, and engaging reflection, Sudden Swoon evokes the sounds of The Eagles and The Lumineers through a series of delightfully catchy, thought-provoking songs. Fully produced by Fiore himself, the record follows 2017’s EP Soft Rock and 2016’s self-titled debut album Young Mister, whose high-powered pop/rock introduced the singer/songwriter shortly after he parted ways from a six-year stint with Universal Music Publishing Group.

At its heart, Young Mister’s new music reveals a universal coming-of-age struggle. It’s the reckoning of who we think we are, who we want to be, and who we’ve become. It’s the intersection of two worlds: Young meeting Mister, if you will.

It’s also a series of love songs drenched in real-life experience. Let your love be the reason,” Fiore sings sweetly in opener “Burned Up Wagon,” beginning the record with what he considers to be its thesis statement. In the infectious pre-release single “What If I?” the artist puts his heart on the line in an all-out surrender of desire and need, singing: “What if I need you when you’re out of reasons to believe I was ever worth your time?” The loving “Best” – which would feel right at home on a John Mayer record – is a touching outpouring of sincerity and deep appreciation.

Young Mister © Steven Fiore
Young Mister © Steven Fiore

Elsewhere, Young Mister’s focus turns inward to explore the interplay of the self: “Damage” circles around inner struggle and baggage, and “Better” highlights the growth we get out of breakup, and the journey from being a part of something bigger than ourselves, to landing back on our own two feet. Toward the record’s close, “Keep My Mind Off You” offers fantastically nuanced introspection on the definition of success and “making it” – in addition to an incredible dual guitar/bass solo full of lively rock energy.

Dear stranger I’ve seen
A couple of times
In the hallways or cafeteria lines
Why aren’t we friends?
We should totally hang
I wear Chucks, you wear Vans,
We’re basically the same
The sun won’t here, forever so
Let it burn you let it turn you into a rosy red glow
I’ll see you next year
If you don’t drop out, move or croak
Have a great Summer, sincerely, I hope
That you have a great Summer, sincerely, I hope
You have the best fucking summer
Have a great Summer
Oh, have a great Summer
– “Have a Great Summer,” Young Mister

Whether you love that charming classic pop sound, or you’re enchanted by the life-long struggle to understand the self, Young Mister’s new album has a little something for everyone. Stream Sudden Swoon exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and get the album wherever you listen to music this Friday!

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Stream: ‘Sudden Swoon’ – Young Mister
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Atwood Magazine: What inspired this record?

Young Mister: A near nervous breakdown, self awareness, and the love of a good woman.

How do you feel this record differentiates this point in time for Young Mister, compared to music of the past, etc? “]

Young Mister: This was the first time I’ve ever personally produced an album, start to finish, and I think that allowed me to put more of myself into the project, whether that is a good or bad thing.

Let your love be the reason,” you sing in opener “Burned Up Wagon.” Why start the record with this sentiment?

Young Mister: I think it’s sort of the thesis for the bulk of the album.

You ultimately close with the somber piano ballad, “Have a Great Summer” - a refrain we can all remember from our middle and high school yearbooks. What's the significance of this closer?

Young Mister: I’m not sure there’s any real significance. I wrote the song a couple years ago 30 minutes before playing a summer music festival in Charleston, SC (my hometown). It’s just a nostalgic, relatable bit that I thought was a great way to say “lights out, record’s over, thanks for listening.”

What are your personal favorite moments across this album? Why do you think these songs/moments mean so much to you?

Young Mister: My absolute favorite moment on this album is the dueling guitar/bass solo at the end of “Keep My Mind Off You”. It was a later addition, performed by Matt Lohan (guitar) and Lucas Rinz (bass), with some direction assistance by Charlie Stavish, the sound wizard that mixed the album. Matt drove out to Charlie’s studio, The Clock Tower in Joshua Tree, from LA to hang and add some extra guitar flavor. It’s hard to explain why it’s so special without going on a ramble, but I can say that the record didn’t feel complete until this moment.

The song represents my coming to terms with the idea that “living the dream” isn’t necessarily succeeding in the traditional sense, but rather just being alive and able to create. It’s a privilege to have anyone hear what you’ve done and feel something positive from it, whether it be 10 people, or a million. I’m at the point now where making the thing is enough, and I have these songs to thank for that.

What do you hope listeners get out of this record as a whole?

Young Mister: In my opinion, an amazing song is one that makes you stop and stare at nothing for 3.5 minutes and forget where you are. I hope that happens at least once for someone.

Lastly, who should we be listening to? Who's on your radar right now?

Young Mister: Mike Viola and Cataldo have been in heavy rotation this year.

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Sudden Swoon - Young Mister

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