Video Premiere: Yellow Shoots’ “Everything” Is a Bold, Trippy Homecoming

Earthy and vibrant, Yellow Shoots’ “Everything” music video is a trippy homecoming diving deep into memory as the artist brings his past to life.

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What is art, but a deeper expression of the self than meets the eye? “I’m always trying to leave big pieces of myself in the music and art that I create,” Yellow Shoots’ Greg Matthews tells Atwood Magazine. “So sometimes interpreting memories or feelings and making them into narratives help complete my ideas that come from the subconscious.” Earthy and vibrant, Yellow Shoots’ “Everything” music video is a trippy homecoming diving deep into memory as the artist brings his past to life.

oh yeah, you know what
we lovers in another life
my, my heart dying, starin’ at
your temple though burning light
hey hey
Everything - Yellow Shoots
everything – Yellow Shoots

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Everything,” taken off Yellow Shoots’ 2018 debut album everything (La Reserve Records). The artist moniker for Philadelphia-born, Brooklyn-based Greg Matthews, Yellow Shoots fuses funk, rock, psych and electronic music into an evergreen bundle of life. In premiering everything‘s sultry lead single “Desert Rose,” Atwood observed the artist’s striking ability to deliver an intoxicating musical manifestation of intimate connection and pleasure: “Loneliness and attachment blend with passion to paint a picture of experiential love – that in the moment charge we can surely all relate to.

you make me run,
you make me lose myself
I’m lost yet found, when you dont see me,
swimming in words, the words you say
you drifted out of sight,
my life, our life, our lust, ahhh

everything met with praise upon its release, and the record continues to hold up six months later. The song “everything” is an immersive and passionate surrender of the self to another; the song embraces love as the highest power, finding Yellow Shoots singing unequivocally: “Ooh, na na na; you’re everything… that girl, that girl is everything.”

Everything by Yellow Shoots
Everything by Yellow Shoots

For the title track’s video, it was important for Matthews to dive, quite literally, back into his roots: “I wanted to make this video in surroundings that I was really familiar with. It was fun to go back and play off of settings that I’ve had burned in my brain since childhood. It’s sort of like expanding childhood memories in a way.”

He continues, “I think environments are very powerful and thought it be cool to make a piece of art that referenced my childhood surroundings. The video took place in my hometown, Kennett Square Pennsylvania. Specifically a field where I would often practice guitar for hours in solitude. I wanted to connect my memories to the narrative of this video, because I thought it would be cool to portray a journey of someone experiencing solitude, experiencing some sort of disarray. The main character is essentially by himself on some sort of journey, ragged and tired. The women are portrayed as ghost like spectres, following him like memories, things that he can’t seem to leave behind or escape.”

Everything by Yellow Shoots
Everything by Yellow Shoots

Directed by Nathaniel Stevens, “Everything” comes to life with exquisite greens, blues and teals as Matthews journeys through his old haunts, guided by some inner, unseen force. There’s something innately beautiful about watching a person in their special place, and that’s what this video is: An artist returning to his roots.

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Yellow Shoots - Desert Rose

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Indulgent Infatuation in Yellow Shoots’ Entrancing “Desert Rose”

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