Premiere: The Intimate Hypnosis of Anna Altar’s Dance Anthem “Wild Card”

Anna Altar © Sarah Thompson
Anna Altar © Sarah Thompson
Anna Altar’s hypnotic second single “Wild Card” is an entrancing affair that explores vulnerability, pursuit and perseverance through absence and seduction.

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Step out of your comfort zone; let yourself feel small, and try something new. Walk into the unknown; only by challenging ourselves, do we learn what we are truly capable of. Anna Altar’s sophomore single “Wild Card” is the musical epitome of testing one’s limits, a reminder that we are more than we think we are – but it takes a willingness to take risks and fail, in order to flourish and thrive.

Giving my all, giving my all to you
I’m feeling it all, feeling it all tonight
I’m giving it all, giving my all to you
I’m feeling it all and the timing is right
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Anna Altar’s sophomore single “Wild Card,” the second offering off the artist’s upcoming debut EP. Atwood Magazine had the pleasure of premiering singer/songwriter Nicole Mormann’s dark pop project in February: The Los Angeles artist’s debut single “Like You” is an instantly-likeable expression of love and connection, “a slow-burning anthemic ballad full of tension and honesty, a complete stripping of the soul.” We meet a completely new side of Anna Altar on “Wild Card,” an entrancing affair that explores emotional experience through absence, rather than presence.

Wild Card - Anna Altar
Wild Card – Anna Altar

“While this is the most experimental song of everything I’ve made thus far, it’s one of my favorites because of the message intended behind it,” Anna Altar tells Atwood Magazine. “I only started producing a little over a year ago and created this track in November… It’s really supposed to be an inspirational dance anthem for everyone out there pursuing something outside of their comfort zone.”

I’m giving my all, my all to you
You don’t have a clue of
What I’ll do once I give my all

We feel a letting-go sort of submission as Altar repeats the lines, “giving my all, giving my all to you.” It’s a total exposure of self, but while those words carry tremendous weight, there’s a tense space between our ears and her lips: A sonic barrier rife with pulsing synths, turbulent guitars, and deep beating drums that wash over us in thick, heavy waves. Thus while Altar’s words are meant to bring us intimately close to her, we end up feeling far, far away. It’s there, within that tremendous distance, that Altar transforms the heavy weight lying at her song’s core into a dazzling hypnosis of rhythmic propulsion and melodic seduction.

Anna Altar © Sarah Thompson
Anna Altar © Sarah Thompson

“Wild Card” is just as intimate a song as Altar’s debut single “Like You,” but “Wild Card” goes about achieving intimacy in a far less traditional, far more explorative and inspired fashion.

A relative novice when it came to manipulating the production studio, Altar’s new single is a testament to natural talents, determination and intuition. “For me, creating electronic songs on my own was such a daunting task at first, but any time I was presented with an opportunity to stray from it and go back to what was comfortable (acoustic music), I couldn’t accept it. Because in my mind, that would be buying into this idea that I was only capable of what other people believed me to be capable of, and that’s just not okay with me.”

“So I kept going, despite what anyone thought, and ended up creating this song as a kind of “F*** You” to the notion that I should stick to what I know, but also as a way of saying, “I’m going to show everyone that it’s totally possible to pursue a passion that scares you, and actually succeed in it.” That’s what I love about the ending lyrics too:

And I don’t know why
but when I see you cry
It makes me feel alive
I’m hoping that inside
You’re giving it your all too

“Just to say, look at me. I didn’t go to music school. I had no idea what I was doing and still am figuring it out, but I believed in myself to keep going and this is the result. I’m really hoping with this song, that people see how possible it is achieve your goals once you decide to stop buying into negativity… While also dancing their hearts out!”

Once more, a personal success story turns into a universally inspiring anthem. Anna Altar plays her “Wild Card” with grace, stepping outside the comfort zone while delivering a truly unique tapestry you’ll find yourself dancing to, without abandon. Stream “Wild Card” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and listen to Anna Altar’s debut single “Like You” for a deeper dive into this definite artist to watch!

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Wild Card - Anna Altar

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