Premiere: Alec Chambers’ “Boston” Finds Bittersweet Beauty in Closure

Alec Chambers © Phil Silverberg
Alec Chambers © Phil Silverberg
Social media sensation Alec Chambers paints an achingly bittersweet tale of closure and acceptance in “Boston,” a catchy, cathartic, and beautifully heartfelt goodbye.
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I know you’re thinking about the long run, and what you want; you don’t want to be selfish.

Breaking up can be devastating, but it can also be empowering and even beautiful with the right perspective. Such maturity may not come easily, but it’s worth the pain: The earlier we learn to adapt to life’s challenges and volatility, the better off we’ll be in the long run. “At least I know we’re being honest,” sings a solemn Alec Chambers in his new single, “Boston.” “Whatever love we had we lost it.” The rising social media star paints an achingly bittersweet tale of lovelorn closure and acceptance in “Boston,” a beautifully heartfelt goodbye.

Boston - Alec Chambers Single Art
Boston – Alec Chambers
I know you don’t wanna talk much
Getting worked up
Yeah I know you can’t help it
I know you’re thinking bout the long run
And what you want
You don’t wanna be selfish
But the truth comes out
sometimes when you’re drunk
Too much and you’ve got too high
I know you don’t wanna wake up
And then make up
When you really don’t mean it

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Boston,” Alec Chambers’ second single of 2019 (following February’s “Starting Fires,” in collaboration with Stavros). Hailing from small-town Connecticut, 24-year-old Chambers is already living something of a dream come true: The singer/songwriter has nearly 1 million followers on TicTok, over 200K Instagram followers, and over 300K YouTube subscribers – all of which is a testament to continuous hard work, musical talent, and sure – a little luck: His cover of Halsey’s “Without Me” has amassed over 8 million streams, not to mention acclaim and approval directly from the pop icon herself!

Though his emergence may have been through cover songs, Chambers is on his way to establishing full credibility as a songwriter, developing his own engaging artistry.

“Boston” finds the young talent immersed in a sweet, inviting indie pop sound. Blissful synth tones blend in with cool, impassioned drums. Atop this instrumentation, Chambers’ simple, majestic vocal melodies enchant the ears and delight the mind: He is truly in his element, comfortable in this sonic skin and prepared to give himself to the world.

Alec Chambers © 2019
Alec Chambers © 2019

“’Boston’ is about moving on but still being attached to someone,” Chambers tells Atwood Magazine. “The relationship ended because she moved to Boston and I stayed in NYC. The song is about knowing you’re meant to be together but the city is keeping you both apart. Even though I knew she had to go find herself and do what was best for her, it hurt me a lot.”

Yes, it’s all been said and done before: The “don’t look back in anger” moral of seeing the good in a bad situation and accepting a relationship’s untimely end – but it can never be said enough times. Chambers pours his heart out in an expressive, absolutely addictive chorus:

I think you should go back to Boston
And maybe go find yourself
Talk to your friends and let them help
Find what you want in someone else
I think you should go back to Boston
Cause we know this ain’t the same
We only lose when we play this game
Go back get lost in
whatever you found in Boston

Heartbreak and tension transform into a cathartic resolution as Chambers chooses love over hate and appreciation over regret.

Alec Chambers © Phil Silverberg
Alec Chambers © Phil Silverberg

Chambers still aches for a love he cannot have – we feel it in his heavy voice, and hear it in his moving words. Alongside that longing is a powerful, time-tested temperance: A recognition that what the pair had was (and remains) special, despite not being permanent or everlasting.

Yeah I’m sorry for the changes
But the truth is
It wouldn’t make any difference
Cause the problems are a long list
And if we started right now
you know we’d never get through it
But the truth comes out
at night when you’re drunk
Too much and you go too high
At least I know we’re being honest
Whatever love we had we lost it 
I hate seeing you like this
It hurts knowing something’s missing

Produced by the up-and-coming UK team of Will Tannergaard and Jordan Shaw, “Boston” is closure incarnate: An honest and mature farewell to a love ended prematurely. Catchy,  and perfect for repeat listens, Alec Chambers’ lovelorn song provides a strong lesson in both life and love. Whether it be as nuanced as “finding yourself in Boston,” or as simple as a “thank you for the times we had,” love in any condition is best resolved with love as well.

“Boston” is out on all platforms on May 31, 2019. Stream Alec Chambers’ vulnerable breakup song exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

Stream: “Boston” – Alec Chambers

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Boston - Alec Chambers Single Art

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