Premiere: The Dot and the Line’s Darkly Human Debut “Draw Me In”

The Dot and the Line
The Dot and the Line

Hauntingly dark and brimming with energy, The Dot and the Line’s debut single “Draw Me In” explores reality’s perfect imperfection, imploring us to shape our lives and take hold of the surrounding world.

In a perfect world we’d have ten lives
In a perfect world a million disguises
In a perfect world there’d be no fear
This is just a fantasy that I hold dearly
Watch: “Draw Me In” – The Dot and the Line

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Draw Me In,” the debut single from English duo The Dot and the Line. Comprised of keyboardist/guitarist/programmer Ned Douglas and vocalist Hetty Clark, The Dot and the Line formed earlier this year in Los Angeles. Both members share influence in downtempo electronica, highlighting Portishead, the xx and Haelos as key figures in their origin story.

The Dot and the Line
The Dot and the Line
You’ve got to be, fearlessly
Open inside your humanity
Draw me in take away my fear of falling
Draw me in take away my fear of dying
Knowing there’s an end to everything
Everything everything

The Dot and the Line describe their debut as “a flirtation with danger,” diving into humanity’s shortcomings (and how we can do better) against a pulsing, synth-heavy backdrop that ebbs and flows with a dark and gorgeous energy. “[‘Draw Me In’] is an expression of how in times of social change, fear and menace exist, but change can also be quietly alluring. The song is a celebration of change as a springboard igniting passion,” the band explain.

It’s easy to get lost in The Dot and the Line: Their music expands to engulf us in violent delights, indulging our fantasies while demanding we recognize this very moment. Their Ed Shiers-directed music video shares that distillation of contrast through the visual juxtaposition of dark and light.

In a world so charged I feel suspense
All the boundaries blurred, a cracking tension
Our warring parts to overcome
Making friends with our differences makes us human

The Dot and the Line - "Draw Me In"

The Dot and the Line - "Draw Me In"

The poignant beauty of life lies in its temporality – a notion The Dot and the Line embrace head-on in “Draw Me In.” Coming out of the gate with this stirring introduction, the band readies us for a barrage of passion-fueled electro-pop ballads. We’re ready for the fall; are you?

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