Premiere: A Soul Exposed in Aidan Carroll’s Visceral “Misunderstood”

Aidan Carroll © Deneka Peniston
A heartfelt and vulnerable rendering of the self, “Misunderstood” is an introspective, soul-searching ballad built off moody keys and subtle inflections.

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There’s a fine line between protection and exposure,” sings a lyrically savvy and emotionally shielded Aidan Carroll in his impassioned new single. A heartfelt and vulnerable rendering of the self, “Misunderstood” is an introspective, soul-searching ballad built off moody keys and subtle inflections.

I’m misunderstood
You don’t believe me
but you would, if you knew

That I’m misunderstood
They think they hear me but
they really don’t listen at all
Listen: “Misunderstood” – Aidan Carroll

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Misunderstood,” the second song off Aidan Carroll’s upcoming debut album, The Other Side (independently out 9/14/2018). A jazz musician and producer with worldwide touring experience with the likes of Grammy-winning Lisa Fischer, Verve Label Group artist Melody Gardot, and Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, Aidan Carroll introduces himself as a reflective, emotionally-indulgent lyricist who uses music as a vessel for self-expression and connection.

Misunderstood - Aidan Carroll Music

Misunderstood – Aidan Carroll Music

With its slow R&B pulse, “Misunderstood” creates for listener and artist alike a moment to oneself. Unveiling his worries through visceral wordplay, Carroll admits to feeling like an outcast in society – a lonely stranger in a crowder room.

But I’ll never let em know who I really am
If I did they would tear me apart
Yeah i’m misunderstood
When it comes to matters of the heart

“This song wrote itself,” Carroll tells Atwood Magazine. “I’ve always felt I don’t quite fit in, especially in the music world, so it’s about feeling like people just don’t get you as a person. The complexity of having different aspects to your personality and creative skills as an artist can be daunting to express in the modern world. It’s also about life transitions, coming into your 30s and feeling a kind of identity crisis. That change is hard, but necessary for growth.”

Aidan Carroll © Deneka Peniston

Aidan Carroll © Deneka Peniston

In this modern world we float through
There’s a fine line between protection and exposure
When life is sporadic our spirit it never sobers
So just call me up let’s have a real conversation
That’s what’s missing in this internet intoxication
Your misunderstandings don’t define or complete
who i am or will ever be

It takes considerable self-knowing to lay oneself out so vividly in song, and Aidan Carroll has done just that. A piece of private poetry translated into music everyone can appreciate and relate to, “Misunderstood” is an emphatic, emotionally longing portrayal of an individual’s core. Stream the song exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more to come from this laudable up-and-comer: Debut album The Other Side is out 9/14/2018!

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Misunderstood - Aidan Carroll

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