Premiere: Bradley Arthur Maxwell Searches for Solace in “Easy on Me”

Bradley Arthur Maxwell © Britt Wilen
Bradley Arthur Maxwell © Britt Wilen
Grappling with being lost in a melancholic sense of nostalgia, Bradley Arthur Maxwell captivates with “Easy on Me.”
Stream: “Easy on Me” – Bradley Arthur Maxwell

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Uprooting your life can cause immense disruption, causing you to question every single part of your existence. Although that self-discovery is a painful, arduous process, the resultant expanded understanding of yourself as a human being can be astonishingly affirming and, in some cases, completely and utterly life-changing.

Easy On Me - Bradley Arthur Maxwell
Easy On Me – Bradley Arthur Maxwell
It’s gonna take time to let go
take the trail unknown
on the run
easily undone
I’m on the west coast
feeling exposed
and for so long
I’ve been spinning, spinning out of control

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Canadian singer/songwriter Bradley Arthur Maxwell’s new single “Easy on Me,” produced by Daniel Ledwell. The track chronicles Maxwell’s struggle of the transition from his Canadian upbringing to moving to Los Angeles. His vocals simultaneously capture both the anxiety-inducing apprehension and subtle excitement of exploring the unknown. Meanwhile, minimalistic instrumentation serves to elevate delicately crafted lyricism, allowing listeners’ attention to be drawn to the artist’s stirring sentiment.

Winding my wheels, watching the tide
as I disappear
It’s been a long year
Take it easy on me… easy on me
Cause all this is gonna break down

Speaking of his song, Maxwell tells Atwood Magazine: “If I stayed true to my instincts, I’d stick to dark corners in rooms rather than spotlights on stages.” This innate shyness is evident in his lyricism, grappling with a sense of uneasiness and trepidation. While feelings of restless discomfort are ever-present on this track, there’s also a delightful undercurrent that sees Maxwell almost recognise this disquietude as part of the process.

Bradley Arthur Maxwell © Britt Wilen
Bradley Arthur Maxwell © Britt Wilen

The track’s sense of emotional immediacy is obvious, so it’s unsurprisingly to know that “Easy on Me” was written immediately after Maxwell’s move. The yearning for the certainty of living in a small, familiar town flows gracefully throughout, with Maxwell painting his upbringing with a brush of nostalgic warmth.

Another place, another time
where the sun shines
take the wheel and drive
I get lost in the view when the music is cool
On a slow ride
I can dig it only if it feels right
come on kiss me baby
kiss me like you kissed me before
I’m right here, I see you now
through all the fear
It’s been a long year

Bradley Arthur Maxwell’s lyrical frankness is ferociously refreshing, and it’s at the moments when he truly allows himself to revel in hopelessness and painful uncertainty that his talent is fully on display. Stream “Easy On Me” exclusively on Atwood Magazine before its release on 6/15!

Stream: “Easy on Me” – Bradley Arthur Maxwell
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Bradley Arthur Maxwell - Easy On Me

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