This Just In: Bloodboy’s “Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?” Is an Anthem for Us All

Bloodboy © Kristy Benjamin
Bloodboy © Kristy Benjamin
Bloodboy’s latest single “Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?” is a clever anthem for anyone who’s put effort into a relationship and come up short.

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Boy, is Bloodboy back. The Los Angeles-based artist’s 2016 debut EP, Best of Bloodboy, proved once and for all that pop can be just as smart a genre as its counterparts. Following her February single “Sex Crime” and announcing that her debut record is in the works, Bloodboy is back in even more force with “Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?” (out 3/27/18 via Everett Entertainment), which brings us more of what we love most about her music: witty lyrics paired with clever pop-rock sounds.

“Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?” – Bloodboy

Bloodboy’s salute to all the time spent on a one-sided relationship opens with fuzzy strings as she immediately begins to sing. As if salvaging time wasted, she launches into the song immediately, wondering at the moments the other party could have reasonably mentioned that they didn’t truly care; as she raced to be with them, when she finally started to open up. However, as Bloodboy croons in a barbed line, sometimes “being decent is a little inconvenient.”

You could’ve told me as I raced around the corner
So I wouldn’t keep you lonely even for a second longer
You could’ve mentioned as I told you all my secrets
But I know that being decent is a little inconvenient
Bloodboy - Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?
Bloodboy – “Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?”

The words drip into one another in an almost stream-of-consciousness reflection until the song hits the chorus. Bloodboy shows off her vocal prowess as she lays the bittersweet statement out: it could’ve all been much neater with much less pain if the other person had, simply, asked if now was a good time to ruin her life. The fuzzy-yet-still-sharp guitar washes the chorus in a beat that softens the lyrics’ bite, but only just.

When all you had to say,
All you had to say
Is now a good time to ruin your life?
Cuz all of my feelings
May be a surprise

Bloodboy’s wit and vocals take center stage throughout the song. Every lyrical barb is perfectly presented through her sweet vocals, giving each line another dose of irony. Even as she seems to be “reminiscing” or veering into sentimental territory, she’ll surprise us with another punch in the following line. (Come on: “I know I really shouldn’t bother reminiscing / But I only wish I knew it was your conscience you were missing” is just brilliant, even for the non-cynics among us.)

“Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?” is not just a chance for Bloodboy to showcase her own unique brand of smart pop, it’s an anthem any of us who’ve put effort into cultivating unrequited feelings or a relationship that ended up being one-sided can connect with. And despite its seemingly cynical lyrics, it’s a bright take on the subject that never wallows in self-pity. It merely observes that both parties could’ve saved a lot of time and heartache if one of them had chosen to ask a simple loaded question.

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Bloodboy - Is Now a Good Time to Ruin Your Life?

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